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SOF Olympiad Trainer Main Features

Preparation meter

Your preparation level in a glance.

Question Bank

Exhaustive question bank to help you prepare.

Previous Years Papers

Actual test papers with solutions and cut-offs to help you assess yourself.

Model Test Papers

Full-length test papers based on the actual SOF pattern. A must-do before the exams.

Custom Test

Customise tests as per your choice.Select the topics which you want to include.

Fun Zone

Quizzes to train brain

Flag Questions

Mark as important as you proceed and revise at a click.

Reports & Analysis

View your performance, scores compared against highest and average, instantly.


We select the questions based on your attempt pattern, which you should revise before going for the exam.


Register and track your position across others.

Info zone/About

Important dates and syllabus at your fingertips.

Web & Mobile

Available for mobile on "Google Play" "iTunes".

About SOF Olympiad Trainer

SOF Olympiad Trainer aims to help the young learners prepare for their SOF Olympiad exams in a much more interesting and interactive manner.

Finest Content by market-leaders MTG Media

Focussed Preparation for Science Olympiad Foundation exams.

Chapter-wise summary and questions covering the complete syllabus of NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO

Previous Years Papers fully solved with explanation of answers

Full length and fully solved Mock Tests for thorough practice

Custom tests for self assessment

Revision based on user attempt pattern and flagged questions

Results & Analysis at the click of a button

Unlimited test attempts

Olympiad Trainer allows the users practice more efficiently because of anytime anywhere practicing & self assessment with instant reports and analysis.

We strongly recommend this content as this will immensely benefit the preparation of the SOF Olympiad exams as it covers the complete syllabus of the exams and improves general understanding of the student of his course and concepts.

It has worksheets and question bank which is tailored to the SOF Olympiad test format and is a non curriculum study material carefully prepared to improve and work around the concepts.

SOF Olympiad Study Material

SOF Olympiad Trainer has modelled out focussed study material for the aspirants of SOF. At SOF Olympiad Trianer, we know how to mould your preparation and to channelize your efforts for the success in SOF Olympiads. The following study material has been thoughtfully created by a panel of experts to improve your score in SOF Olympiads.

NSO Study Material IMO Study Material IEO Study Material NCO Study Material
NSO Sample Papers IMO Sample Papers IEO Sample Papers NCO Sample Papers
NSO Chapterwise Test Bank with Solutions IMO Chapterwise Test Bank with Solutions IEO Chapterwise Test Bank NCO Chapterwise Test Bank
Solved NSO Previous Year Papers IMO Previous Year Papers IEO Previous Year Papers NCO Previous Year Papers
NSO Model Test Papers IMO Model Test Papers IEO Model Test Papers NCO Model Test Papers
NSO Mock Test Papers IMO Mock Test Papers IEO Mock Test Papers NCO Mock Test Papers
NSO Level 2 Mock Test Papers IMO Level 2 Mock Test Papers IEO Level 2 Mock Test Papers
NSO Level 2 Previous Year Papers IMO Level 2 Previous Year Papers IEO Level 2 Previous Year Papers

Student Testimonials

We came to know about SOF Olympiad Trainer from a web search engine. The SOF Olympiad Trainer team has done a fantastic piece of work by compiling all the information at one place....



Master Anish Singh

International IMO 1st RANK

I have been using SOF Olympiad Trainer since two years. Through this online trainer, I have visibly improved my results. I made it to the top 25 students in state level and got awesome international ranks...



Shree Rath

SOF Olympiad Trainer is the gateway which helps you to achieve your goal through your hard work. It gives you the presentation of live online exam with instant reports and analysis....



Aarav  Aggarwal

Class 5th

State IMO 3rd RANK

SOF Olympiad Trainer is an indispensable tool for preparation of NSO, NCO, IMO, IEO and other talent search exams. I feel privileged being a subscriber of the SOF Olympiad trainer and other SOF products.



Om Aditya

DPS, CSPUR, Class 7th>

State IMO 3rd RANK

 I am very much thankful to the Olympiad Trainer. It helped me to achieve gold medal in IMO and Medal of Excellence in NCO with an international rank 61....



Atharva Phirke

NCO 61th International Rank

IEO has given a new platform where our child gets new challenges by solving their test papers, knowing many folds of English....



Aditya Bhattacharya

Navrachana School
Class 3rd


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