Daily Online Practice Sets

IGKO DOPS (Daily Online Practice Sets)

IGKO DOPS is a specially designed, General Knowledge Online Test Programme, which provides Practice Questions for classes 1 to 10.

Avail a Bank of 400+ Practise MCQs for each class, from the house of the most authentic and reliable Publisher for SOFs Olympiads, MTG.


Children will immensely benefit from IGKO DOPS as it gives an age-appropriate and exam corresponding content,
making IGKO preparation more relevant and convenient.

Practise questions are based on latest current affairs, such as events that have occurred recently in last 2-3 months. It offers Class-specific gradation in GK Questions, which is not available anywhere else. This makes it distinct and unique.

A set of exam-like Questions to prepare for IGKO prior to the Actual exam. Can be attempted while on move, anywhere and anytime.

Challenges your brain with stimulating General Knowledge Mock Tests! Helps you reinforce and recall what you have learnt through Assessment Tests!


1st Graders to 10th Graders

The course content is different for all classes

IGKO includes:

  • 25 Practice Sets covering all sections of IGKO.

  • 4 Assessment Tests

  • 3 Mock Tests


Rs.699 + GST.

Valid Upto

31st March 2023

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