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What are Psychometric Tests?

A psychometric exam is a type of evaluation that is used to assess an individual's cognitive abilities and personality traits. These tests are designed to show a character's general appropriateness for realising his or her full potential.

These tests play a significant role in a student's life by analysing their mental ability, their perspective on life, and identify the best approach to study and achieve the greatest outcomes.

How these tests can help students?

It has been observed many times that a slight adjustment in the style of learning or the type of study material has a significant impact on the students' performance. We've put together a few tests to help students figure out their learning style, concentration level, motivation, and personality traits. Students will be given their reports and recommendations after each test, which would enable each student reach their greatest potential.

Social behaviour

Social Skills are the abilities of students that enable them to foster and maintain meaningful relationships with friends, teachers, parents and siblings. Strong social skills allow you to communicate, relate to, and connect with other people in best possible way. A student with strong social skills has high chance to establish himself at any place whether in school, home or workplace in future. Let’s go and find out how strong are your social skills.

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Level of procrastination

Procrastination is the act of deferring or postponing doing something that needs to be done. It's natural to procrastinate from time to time. But, students’ excessive procrastination, on the other hand, can jeopardise their academic and personal success. A student must know if he / she is in the habit of procrastination. Let’s find out. Take the test to know your level of procrastination.

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How motivated you are?

Motivation is the factor that creates enthusiasm in an individual to achieve their goal. It is something that help you keep going and do not sit. Sometimes, lack of motivation is the reason for procrastination. A motivated student remains very attentive in class, complete his homework on time, perform well in the exams and achieve true success in life. Are your kids motivated enough? Check the level of Motivation. Take the Test to know how Motivated are you?

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Level of Concentration

Concentration is the ability to give exclusive attention to something you are doing or learning. If you have weak concentration, you would not receive the results, despite your best efforts. You child don’t procrastinate, motivated enough for his/her goal but still things are not progressing. It may be because he just can't concentrate. Concentration in studies is one of the major issues in today’s digital world and it need to be addressed. Check your child’s level of concentration.

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Learning Style

According to theories, different students learn better when knowledge is supplied in a specific way. Individual student’s learning styles are crucial for both parents and teachers to consider, since your struggling pupils may require coursework that is presented to them in a unique way in order to absorb the information efficiently. Act according to your child’s learning style and see the change in their results.

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