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SOF Olympiad Trainer is now a perfect and one-stop place to learn, practice and test your Maths.
Let the kids Master Math while having fun while learning with our educational videos.

On frequent demand of our patrons, our team of teachers and experts have created tiny Maths Videos for our tiny tots of Classes 1 to 5.

Don't worry if you missed the classes in school or could not stay attentive for the entire period. We will help you solve everything. Whether you are starting a new chapter or revising an old one, our Math videos and practice questions are designed to match your need.

  • 100% safe for kids
  • Covers the syllabus of IMO
  • Chapter-wise and topic-wise
  • Bite size descriptive videos
  • Plenty of solved problems in the videos
Video Courses

Videos for IMO

Day and Night, Shorter and Longer Duration - Class 1
Place Value & Face Value, Expanded Form, Short Form - Class 2
Open and Closed Figures - Class 3
Common Factor and Highest Common Factor (HCF) - Class 4
Types of Angles - Class 5

Facilitate Thinking and Problem Solving Through Our Videos

Videos have become an important part of education. The educational videos trigger student's interest and passion for learning lessons further.
Our videos help you visualize each concept, making it easier to understand.

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