Science Skill Development Programme

The Science Skill Development Programme - NSO Worksheets

Science is just not the state or fact of knowledge; but it is also a study of nature and behavior of natural things, the understanding and knowledge we get from it and the application of it in various aspects of our life.

Science study is useful in any situation that requires critical thinking, observing, sorting/classifying, quantifying, inferring, predicting, experimenting, or communicating. All these set of skills apply to learning any branch of science, such as chemistry, biology, or physics, at any grade level.

This special Science Skill Development Programme has been designed to help you enjoy science and understand it better.

Stay curious, occupied, updated, evolving and entertained this summer with this programme.

Why " Science Skill Development Programme"?

  • Fun worksheets which can be downloaded to enjoy science daily.

  • 1st graders to 8th graders alike will find our curriculum challenging yet enjoyable.

  • Challenge yourself week after week as the difficulty level rises.

  • Super flexible. If you miss the session someday, you can easily make up for it another day.

  • Download your worksheet and attempt any time of the day.

  • Interactive recap after every 7th test where you take a quiz online and do a critical analysis of yourself.

  • Very affordable. You can enroll for our "Science Skill Development Program" for as little as Rs. 599.


1st Graders to 8th Graders

Levels Covered

Easy, Medium, Difficult, Achievers


24 Interactive Tests/Downloadable Worksheets
Progressive Difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Difficult and Achievers)
4 Assesment Tests (30-minute)
2 Challenger Rounds


Rs.599 + GST.

Valid Upto

1st March 2025

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Price : Rs.599/-