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Whoa! You are at the right place, at the right time, as we are the Official and the World's Largest SOF Olympiad Training Portal with the most authentic and upto date content for 2nd level NSO. The children have worked hard for NSO exams. It is now our turn to boost their confidence and help them prepare well for 2nd Level NSO exams.

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  • 5 NSO Level-2 Previous Year Papers (Solved)
  • 3 NSO Level-2 Mock Tests (Solved)
  • NSO Chapter-wise Testbank

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Here is some information and some tips for NSO Level 2 Exams

  1. The syllabus of NSO Level 2 Olympiads is exactly same as NSO Level 1 olympiads.
  2. The difficulty level of NSO Level 2 Olympiads is higher than NSO Level 1 olympiads.
  3. By this time, most of the schools would have completed the curriculum for the session, so children have been taught all the topics.
  4. NSO Level 2 Olympiads are tougher and comprehensive, but with regular practice and discipline, it is not difficult to get a good rank.
  5. If you are confident about your child's performance in NSO 1st level, then start preparing them gradually for NSO Level 2, without waiting for the NSO Level 1 results to be out. It never hurts to study extra.
  6. Spending few hours per week, will help you get a good score in NSO Level 2.
  7. We know you are overburdened with your syllabus in your schools and thus we have tried to keep the 2nd Level Olympiad Preparation content on our portal as crisp and relevant as possible.

So help your children realize their true potential by preparing and practicing with SOF Olympiad Trainer.

We have follwoing NSO Level 2 Content for Classes 3 to 8.

  1. NSO Level 2 Mock Test Series - The NSO Level 2 Mock Tests contain the content of highest quality which has been created by our subject experts. These tests have been created by carefully studying the pattern of the papers of previous years. These Mock Tests are given along with the answers and solutions.
  2. NSO Level 2 Previous Year Papers - The NSO Level 2 Previous Year Papers give you get a hands-on experience of how the pattern of the paper actually is. We provide NSO Previous Year Papers of the last five years in order to help you in preparation. These papers are given along with the answers and solutions.


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Additional Preparatory Content

National Science Olympiad (NSO) Level-2 Pattern

Class Section No. of Questions Marks per Question Total Marks
3 to 4 Science 30 1 30
Achievers Section 5 2 10
Grand Total 35 40
5 to 10 Science 45 1 45
Achievers Section 5 3 15
Grand Total 50 60
11 and 12 Physics & Chemistry 25 1 25
Achievers Section 5 3 15
Mathematics/Biology 20 1 20
Grand Total 50 60


The Science Olympiad Foundation conducts the NSO Level 2 Olympiad exams for students for classes 3 to 12. Only level 1 qualifiers can compete in the SOF level 2 NSO exams. The following students are eligible to take the NSO Level 2 examinations.

  • Top 5% of students from each class who show up for the first-level exam qualify to Level 2. If there is a tie in the scores, the scores from the various sections will be given priority in determining the order of the candidates.
  • Top 25 rank holders from each class will be selected from each Zone.
  • Class winner from each participating school when at least 10 students from a class who take the exam and score 50% qualifying marks.
For more details on NSO Level 2, visit our website NSO Level-2

NSO Level 2 cut off refers to the minimum no. of scores that students must score on the Level 1 exam in order to be qualified for the 2nd Level NSO exam. Section wise scoring is equally crucial as section wise time distribution in order to score above the cut off scores.
The SOF NSO cut off 2022-23 is likely to be released in January 2023 by the Science Olympiad Foundation. The NSO cut off will be published on SOF Olympiad Trainer. In order to help students understand the NSO cut off trend, we have included the NSO cut off of prior years' also. It will help students analyze their chances of competing in the Olympiad at Level 2. For more information on IMO Level 2, visit our website SOF Olympiad Trainer .

The second level NSO examination will be conducted on Sunday, 12th Feb 2023. Second-level exams for SOF NSO will be conducted for students of grades 3rd to 12th. For more information on NSO Level 2, visit our website SOF Olympiad Trainer .

To begin preparing for SOF NSO Level 2, many of us require help. Like every other exam, you should prepare for the NSO Level 2 Olympiad well in advance. In order to ace the exam, you must put in a lot of effort and dedication. A lot of hard work is also required to reach the top.
You can prepare for the NSO Level 2 exam by reading and taking practice exams. For best results, you must attempt the NSO Level 2 Previous years papers, NSO Level 2 Mock Test Papers from SOF Olympiad Trainer as it is the best reliable source for the preparation of the Olympiad Level 2 exams for classes 3 to 8. You can also take our live online classes from our hi-tech expert tutors to help you with your weak areas of topics.Through our live interactive classes, you can get all of your doubts or questions answered about any subject.
Also, read our blog, "How can I prepare for Level 2 NSO " where we have shared the tips and tricks for preparing for the NSO Level 2 exams. For more information on NSO Level 2, visit our website SOF Olympiad Trainer.