How to prepare for NSO (National Science Olympiad)

“Believing that your competition is stronger and better than you, pushes you to better yourselves.”

– Simon Sinek

Hey guys! I am excited to have qualified for NSO Level-2 exam for which I appeared last year. Being a class 10 student with the board exams ahead, it was a great deal for me to do so. But NSO level-1 was just not any other test I took.  In my opinion, National Science Olympiad is a very competitive exam conducted to test how tough one can be on pushing the limits and preparing to pass with flying colors.


Preparing for NSO is like preparing for a battle because the level-1 exam has questions from the last year’s academic syllabus as well as present year. A comprehensive preparation of NSO thus makes it which makes it not only more challenging but also more onerous. Fortunately, I had SOF Olympiad trainer by my side. Collecting relevant study material can be time consuming and since appearing and preparing for also NSO is how we manage time, I resorted to a one-time destination that not only provided me quality content but was not harsh on my pocket at the same time. It was a 360-degree experience to prepare with SOF Olympiad Trainer as it was far more convenient than taking special coaching for the tests as they would affect my time table and make a bump in my wallet.


Juggling between my regular studies and my Olympiad preparation was a tedious job. And I had to follow a strict schedule in order to maintain an equilibrium between the two. I made sure I didn’t waste a lot of time in planning how I would prepare for the test, as time was of great value and I had to spend it cautiously. As some of the topics of my school syllabus and NSO were the same I decided to cover them first, which would help me cover my NSO and my board exam. I made sure that I covered the weaker topics first to avoid any panic situation thus, leaving nothing for any last-minute preparation. With the chapter-wise question bank from SOF Olympiad trainer I was able to smoothen my weak areas and get used to answering the types of questions NSO could offer.For most part of my preparation of NSO I worked on weekends,and handled my regular studies on weekdays. This helped me revise my school syllabus while attempting the NSO questions at the same time.


Understanding the Previous Year Paper pattern is a very crucial part of preparation for any competitive exam. Since they test our conceptual knowledge made sure that I covered all the important topics to answer any HOTS in the test. NSO’s test scheme has MCQs so there was always room for confusion so I had to be sure for the answer. Practicing mock tests and previous year papers at SOF Olympiad trainer made me confident enough to understand the difficulty level of the exams and to make a proper strategy in order to attempt maximum questions with utmost accuracy.


Making a proper strategy to attempt the exam is what helped me score so well. It’s worth giving the exam when you are prepared well for. I made sure that whatever I prepared, I understood the topic well, as a question can be twisted in order to test the competence of the student. Being confident helps a long way, so always have faith in yourself and ensure that you have the best content support for NSO like me to do exceptionally good in tests like these.

All the best!!!

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