How can I prepare for Level 2 IEO?

As the level 2 Olympiad test approaches, I’m sure you have a lot of questions on your mind and are wondering whether level 1 and level 2 exams are the same or different, or if there are any differences in the syllabus or the difficulty of the questions. For Level 1 Olympiads, our students put in a lot of effort. Now it’s our turn to increase their self-esteem and help in their preparation for the IEO Level 2 Olympiads as we are aware that level 2 preparation can sometimes be challenging and complicated. That’s why it’s important to support and motivate students by helping them in putting their best foot forward while acknowledging and recognising their effort.

The International English Olympiad (IEO) is an English language and grammar competition conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) for students of class 1 to 12. Participants are ranked based on their performances. IEO is a two level exam.

Only the top 5% of students are eligible for the second level IEO exam. The second level IEO exam is conducted for classes 3 to 8. The IEO Level 2 exam is quite difficult and needs thorough preparation. Spending a few hours each week will enable you to achieve a high IEO Level 2 score. Believe in yourself and you are halfway there!

The following are some easy ideas to help you crack IEO’s second level exam.

  • Understand your syllabus well: 
  • You cannot leave any topic unread since this is the second level or last level. Look at the whole course outline and find the resources for learning the various IEO topics.
  • Understanding the second level IEO pattern is essential as it will boost confidence among the students to prepare for the exam in the right direction. 
  • For IEO level 2, SOF Olympiad Trainer offers extensive and focused online learning materials to students who aim to score great marks for the upcoming Level 2 IEO exams.

As SOF follows the precise CBSE curriculum, etc., prepare according to the CBSE curriculum. Before you begin studying, be aware of the fact that the Level 2 IEO exam pattern and its question paper format is significantly different from Level 1. For Classes 3 to 8, we offer IEO Level 2 Content. 

  • Start preparing for Level 2 well in advance:

Qualifying students have a very limited amount of time to be ready for the second level because the first level results are released late. We advise you to start your level 2 IEO exam preparations as soon as possible if you perform really well in IEO level 1 and are aiming to clear level 1. As SOF follows the precise CBSE curriculum, etc., prepare according to the CBSE curriculum. In order to begin your preparation, you must first understand the Level 2 IEO syllabus. To master all of the IEO Level 2 topics, each student must conduct in-depth research on each topic.

  • Identify the right resources:

Prepare your study materials in advance for the IEO Level 2 exam. Do not waste valuable time looking for study materials at the last minute. 

SOF Olympiad Trainer provides the best original content quality for SOF IEO exams to the students who want to prepare for their upcoming Level 2 exams for classes 3 to 8. Question papers based on IEO Level 2 previous year papers are also provided. Level 2 IEO content for classes 3 to 8 is exclusively available on SOF Olympiad Trainer. 

  • Recognize the Level 2 exam pattern: 
  • IEO second level questions are based on advanced level topics.  
  • You must attempt the IEO Previous years papers from SOF Olympiad Trainer as it’s the best reliable source for the preparation of the Olympiad Level 2 exams for classes 3 to 8. 
  • Also attempt IEO Level 2 Mock Test Papers, Workbooks and revise IEO Chapter wise Test Bank.

We have made an effort to make the content on our webpage for the 2nd Level Olympiad Preparation as concise and current as possible because we are aware that you are overwhelmed with your school’s curriculum. We believe that by using the content included here, you can achieve great results and take pride in your time with SOF Olympiad Trainer.

  • Plan and Create a schedule: 
  • Prepare a timetable. Practice IEO previous year papers as you get a fairly good idea on types of questions.
  • Section wise time distribution is important and section wise scoring is also as important. 
   SOF I.E.O (2019-20) – 1ST LEVEL CUT-OFF TOP-5%
Class  Total Marks Achievers Section (M4) Word and Structure Knowledge (M1) Reading (M2) Spoken and Written Expression (M3)
03 32 10 12 5 5
04 32 6 13 8 5
05 47 9 24 9 5


  • Section wise time distribution – If you do around 10 easy questions in 30 seconds each, you get 30 seconds extra for another 10 difficult questions.
  • Adhere to it strictly. Practice answering a variety of IEO questions. Work on your areas of weakness. 

  • Practice Regularly:
  • Grammar takes a lot of practice, and you need to be aware of its exceptional uses. Only by diligent practice and thorough attention to every detail of the subject will you be able to comprehend the principles. It will provide you the self-assurance and capacity to attempt any English question.

To improve your efficiency, SOF Olympiad Trainer provides you with plenty of IEO questions that cover every topic for IEO Level 2.


Firstly, start your preparation with the IEO Level 2 exam as the answer keys to IEO are 1st published and you more or less know where you stand. Also if you intend to take multiple Olympiad exams i.e., NSO Level 2 or IMO Level 2, you need to know that all level 2 exams are conducted on the same day. So accordingly schedule time and prepare for the IEO Level 2 exam in advance to avoid any last minute hurries. 

Making last-minute preparations has never worked out well. Success requires ongoing effort; it cannot be achieved in one or two days. It involves a lot of patience and hard work. Therefore, make a timetable and start your preparation well in advance so that you can become the next rank holder of the SOF Olympiad Level 2 exams.

Remember to remain composed and assured because you have prepared for the exam and are undoubtedly capable of handling any challenges the Olympiad may throw. Finally, always follow your instincts and take advantage of the situation. Best wishes!!!


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