How can I prepare for Level 2 NSO?

Hello, guys! As you know the NSO Level 2 exams are approaching, and I am quite sure most of you are still wondering how to start preparing for the exams the right way as the NSO Level 2 exam is different from NSO Level 1. Like you, I am a student in class 9th and I have participated in several Olympiads like the NSO, IMO, and IEO in the past 3 years. I’ve had a great time taking these Olympiad exams since they provide us with the opportunity to test our skills and abilities. I was able to perform well and even obtain a high score at the zonal and national levels thanks to the SOF Olympiad Trainer’s trustworthy and exclusive content provided by them. Sharing a few strategies that worked for me and will help you as well to master the NSO second-level exam.   

  • Know your syllabus: 
  • Find the resources for learning the various NSO topics by looking at the whole course outline and the syllabus as you can’t leave any topics unread in the last stage of the exam. 
  • It is important to understand the second level NSO pattern since it will give students more confidence to approach their exam preparation effectively. 
  • Prepare according to the CBSE curriculum as SOF follows the exact CBSE curriculum, etc. NSO level 2 follows the same syllabus as Level 1 but the Level 2 question paper is much tougher. The pattern is different as the Logical reasoning section is not present in Level 2.


  • Start your Level 2 NSO preparation early: 
  • As the 1st level NSO results are announced late, qualifying students have extremely little time to prepare for the second level exam. We advise you to begin your level 2 NSO exam preparations possibly soon. 
  • The Level 2 NSO syllabus must be thoroughly understood to start your preparation. Each student must perform in-depth research on each topic to master all of the NSO Level 2 topics. 

  • Identify the right resources:
  • Choose your study materials in advance and save yourself the time and effort of last-minute searching for study resources to prepare for the NSO Level 2 exam. 
  • To help students get ready for their upcoming Level 2 exams for classes 3 to 8, SOF Olympiad Trainer offers the highest-quality exclusive original content. Question papers based on NSO Level 2 previous year papers are also provided.

  • Recognize the Level 2 exam pattern
  • Second-level NSO questions are based on HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills). Solid conceptual knowledge is necessary for science preparation. To prepare for the Level 2 NSO exams for grades 3 to 8, thoroughly practice the Previous Year’s Papers, Workbooks, Mock Test Papers, and Chapter-based Test Bank from SOF Olympiad Trainer since it is the most reliable source. We have attempted to make the information on our webpage for the 2nd Level Olympiad Preparation brief up-to-date.


  • Plan and create a schedule
  • Make a schedule. Section-wise time distribution is important and section-wise scoring is also as important.
         SOF NSO (2019-20) – 1ST LEVEL CUT-OFF TOP-5%

Total Marks

Achievers Section (M3) Science (M2) Logical Reasoning (M1)
03 33 8 21 4
04 28 4 19 5
05 43 12 25 6
  • Section-wise time distribution – If you do around 10 easy questions in 30 seconds each, you get 30 seconds extra for another 10 difficult questions.
  • Follow it exactly. Solve by practicing a variety of Level 2 NSO questions. Focus on improving your weak points.


  • Practice Regularly: 
  • The SOF Olympiad Trainer offers lots of practice papers such as previous years’ papers, workbooks, and test banks which cover the entire syllabus. Since science demands a lot of hard work, practicing these question papers will help you to improve your efficiency.


Begin your preparation with the NSO Level 2 exam as soon as the NSO answer keys are published. Additionally, you should be aware that all level 2 tests, whether they be IEO Level 2 or IMO Level 2, are held on the same day, in case you plan to take several Olympiad exams. To avoid any last-minute rushing, schedule time and prepare for the NSO Level 2 exam in advance. Plan your time, work hard, and take short breaks. To make your journey smooth, you can also enroll for Level 2 NSO interactive online classes provided by SOF Olympiad Trainer. You can take one-to-one classes from our hi-tech expert tutors to help you with your weak areas of topics. Through our one-to-one interactive classes, you can get all of your questions answered about any subject. Best of Luck!


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