The Best Online Course For Olympiad Preparation Where And What You Should Look For!

If you’re looking for the best online SOF Olympiad preparatory content, then you’ve come to the right place! We are a team of passionate Teachers, Educators and Technology Enthusiasts with rich experience in the field of education.

SOF Olympiad Trainer is an E-Learning platform providing finest Olympiad preparatory Content by market-leaders MTG Learning Media in a digital format. Using SOF Olympiad Trainer you can kick start your preparation anytime anywhere.

On SOF Olympiad Trainer you can prepare for NSO, IMO, IEO, IGKO, NCO, and ISSO from our Exhaustive Question Bank with Detailed Solutions., Previous Years Papers, Mock Test Papers, and IMO Videos.

More than 9,50,000+ students are associated with SOF Olympiad Trainer. Aiming to help the young learners prepare for their SOF Olympiad exams in a much more interesting and interactive manner. It helps users practice more efficiently because of anytime anywhere practicing & self assessment with instant reports and analysis.

But How Does SOF Olympiad Trainer Differs From Other Platforms?

  • Create Customized Tests For Self-Assessment

On SOF Olympiad Trainer you get an option to create customized tests for self-assessment. Using the option Custom tests, you can set your own parameters such as the difficulty level, chapters you want to revise, no. of questions that you want and create a customized test for yourself.

  • Questions With Detailed Solutions

SOF Olympiad Trainer provides detailed solution of questions which cannot be found anywhere else. You can also flag Important Questions for later review. Sometimes you may feel that you know a particular question well, but when you start solving it turns out to be otherwise. With detailed solutions you will exactly know where you are making mistakes and where you need to focus more.

  • Large Question Bank With Easy, Medium, Advance Difficulty Level

On SOF Olympiad Trainer you’ll get Worksheets, Mock Tests, Previous Year Papers, sample Papers and exhaustive question bank with 850+ questions which is tailored to the SOF Olympiad test format. It has a non curriculum study material carefully prepared to improve and work around the concepts.

Olympiad examinations are the best tool to assess your understanding at the school level. These examinations inculcate a feeling of competitiveness among students and thus bring out best in them.  That is why achieving success in Olympiads requires extra efforts and right preparation.
Get that extra edge to succeed in Olympiads by preparing from SOF Olympiad Trainer.


By : Vanya Kapil | Post Graduate | Content Writer | An Enthusiastic Reader and Good Listener |

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