How to prepare for IEO Olympiad

The International English Olympiad is an English language and grammar competition conducted for class 1 to class 12 to help them judge their English proficiency with that of international standards. Olympiads are a great way to inculcate critical and deep thinking skills and instill confidence in students.

Understand the Pattern and Know your Syllabus

It is extremely important to know the exam pattern and syllabus before you start International English Olympiad preparation. For this you should know the IEO syllabus well in advance. In level 1, almost 70 per cent of the questions are framed based on the previous class syllabus. So be thorough with your syllabus and practice from sample papers. To help you in your preparations SOF Olympiad Trainer offers the pattern based sample papers for class 1 to 10.

Identify study material and resources

Get your study material ready beforehand. Don’t waste your crucial time in searching for study material at the last moment. SOF Olympiad Trainer provides exhaustive and focused online IEO preparation material and plenty of IEO Olympiad with 1000+ questions from Sample Papers, Chapter wise Test Banks, Previous Year Papers with explanation of answers, Mock Test and ESDP. Our experts have thoroughly studied the patterns of IEO previous year papers for class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9 and class 10. You can also help your child practice filling of OMR sheet by downloading it from our portal.

Start preparing for exams months before in advance

Achieving success in IEO is not a one or two day’s affair. Preparation for IEO requires lots of hard work and patience. But timely preparation can save you from constant fear and exam pressure. It’s better to start early by preparing a timetable and following it strictly. Practice all sorts of questions based on patterns of IEO previous year papers. Also, take Mock tests and focus more on your weak areas.

Prepare notes, quick facts for revision

While preparing for Olympiad exams keep in mind to create notes and quick facts to remember and do quick revision before exams. Notes prove to be extremely helpful for quick revisions and for future references and revisions. It also helps in learning faster and saves a lot of time.
Best of Luck for your exams!

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