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IEO Level 2
English Accelerator Pack

IEO Level 2
English Accelerator Pack

You are almost there..! You have proved yourself and just need that right push to the peak.

Practice makes everything possible and Practice coupled with the right effort and the Right Tools makes the goal attainable.

Here you will compete with the extra ordinaries and thus your revisiting the IEO syllabus and progressing is mandatory.

The English Level 2 Winners Pack will exactly help you do the same. It will make you revise and brush up all that you did in Level 1 and add the extra skills in you to move to tackle level 2 .

Why "IEO Level 2 English Accelerator Pack" ?

  • Interactive and personalized way to practice and learn English.

  • Compete with yourself and other champions and know your weak areas.

  • Know your areas of improvement.

  • 30 tests, 10 questions everyday, very manageable and not burdening at all

  • If you miss on a day you can take the missed test the next day.

  • Affordable. Yes, only at Rs.400/- you get 30 tests with 10 questions in each. you will have practiced almost 300 questions by the end of the program.


3rd Class to 8th Class

Program Duration

Starting December 2019, 30 days - 30 tests - 10 questions each day




Exciting prizes for top 5 students of each class.

Terms & Conditions

By registering for the "English Level 2 Accelerator Pack" you agree to the Terms & Conditions listed below

  • This English Level 2 Accelerator Pack is of one month duration.
  • 30 English tests in each pack
  • 10 new questions will be given each day
  • All questions will be from English Subject and no Logical Reasoning
  • Only 3 attempts allowed for each test
  • Access to this pack till 20th February 2020 only, irrespective to the date of joining. But we strongly recommend to finish this course in a 30 day period
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Price : Rs. 400/-

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