Making Your Day to Day Conversation More Effective

Not being very good in day to day conversation myself, I idolised my sister and always wished I could also be as confident and charming as she is when engaged in a talk with someone. It was sometime that I started noticing her communication skills, so well ingrained in her style. On the basis of what I noticed and read about in various articles I have compiled a few observations which I would want to share with you:

    • My name is the sweetest sound to my ears – When talking to someone remembering and addressing them with their name is a sure shot compliment and the biggest ice breaker at the start of the conversation. In case of being unable to recall the name, it’s better to ask rather than trying to recall the name and being inattentive during the conversation. You can always make up your forgetfulness by being a little extra attentive and empathetic later.


    • Eyes are the mirror of Soul – Making eye contact with the person you are talking to, paying attention to what is being said and responding in the correct way is another important aspect of good conversation.
    • Share the Talk – Bringing the conversation around to mutual topics of interest where each one can comfortably share their views makes the talk interesting with long lasting thoughts.


    • Your view is important to me- Being a good listener and respecting other people’s point of view is as important as blending your tone to leave space for discussion when putting your point of view during a conversation.


  • Ohhh! You are Good – A small honest compliment can make the other person feel important. Place value on their thoughts, opinions and navigate to their topic of interest to engage in a more rewarding conversation.


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