The Impact of Digital Education

The presence of technology in our lives affects various aspects of the society in positive ways, including education. New-age students don’t just use computers for their school work, but also for extensive research. Teachers are also increasingly turning towards technology to enhance their lessons and make learning easier and fun. We bring you some important areas where technology has positively impacted the learning system in India.

Unlimited Research at a Click

School libraries may have outdated books or may lack in a particular section of content, but online research can be a boon to students who want to write an essay or work on their research paper. If the school has a computer lab, students can get access to countless articles and content sites where they can obtain the research they need. Many schools use the software of Encyclopedia Britannica in order to help their students in the research.

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Globalized Learning, Maximized Exposure

With the internet, it has become possible for students to communicate with students from other parts of the world. This makes it really easy to learn foreign languages and expand the exposure of young minds. Video conferencing is a boon to students who want to communicate or meet with their global counterparts.

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Learning can be Fun

At an early age, many teachers and parents introduce their children to computers through fun-filled educational games. These games instil lessons of spelling, numbering and other early trainings in an enjoyable way. Teachers can use these games to inculcate a love for learning amongst young students. The audio-visual representations keeps children engaged in learning.

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Distance Education – Learning Beyond Boundaries

Earlier, before the advent of technology, students could take a correspondence course wherein they would receive study material through post and they would have to send assignments the same way. However, this was a long and complicated procedure for learning. Now, thanks to technology, students can easily take online courses on a wide range of subjects, in a simple and flexible manner.

Field Trips are now called Web Seminars

If a school does not have the resources to send students on field trips, they can opt for web seminars related to their course work. They can visit museums and other educational institutions virtually and enjoy the trip, without having to worry about budgets. NASA is known to offer a program for students wherein they can talk to astronauts in space using such web seminars.

Flexibility Rules Digital Education

One of the biggest impacts of technology is the flexibility. Students can now learn when they learn best and where they learn best. They are no more confined to the four walls of the classroom. They also have more time to learn, without being time-bound through school lectures. The opportunity to learn anywhere and anytime creates an entire new world of opportunity for students.

Goodbye Heavy Bags, Welcome Tabs

Parents are often highly concerned about the weights of school bags, which almost go up to 6 kg in most cases. With technological advancements, students can now reduce the load on their backs and embrace lighter and sharper materials like tabs.

SOF Olympiad Trainer Virtual classes are now preferred by students all over the world. The flexibility and ease of learning combined with the availability of rich and deep content makes internet learning an ideal choice. Plus, this form of education is thoroughly enjoyed by students, leading to better attention and engagement.

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