What Teachers Say and Mean

Teachers are wonderful souls. They are the ones influencing you the most in your childhood days. We see them as our ideal. They have to work hard to put their best foot forward so that you can learn immensely from them other than just text books. There must be days when you would have troubled them and expected big scolding… but bam you didn’t get any, instead you were showered with some SWEET WORDS!!!

Ever wondered what those SWEET WORDS of your teacher could have actually meant? Here we are with few twists stating what they said and what they actually meant!!!

* You have lots of potential – You are being lazy and I already know it dear.


* Today we will have a fun activity – I get bored too, c’mon I need a break.


* You can do it better – I just can’t understand why you don’t get the thing done right for the first time and save both of our time.


* Good luck for your surprise test – Ha ha ha… The test is really tough!!!


* Next time I’ll be sending you to the principal – I quit. Now I want you to be somebody else’s problem.

* It is not funny – It is funny and as a teacher I just have to act strict.

* Call your parents tomorrow – Why should I take all the pains alone.

teacher and you

* You have got an independent spirit – Why don’t you listen to any thing I said.


* The test is cancelled – No I am not being kind, I just have too much other stuff to do which were certainly more important.

online learning

* You are a good kid – You are awesome. Sometimes they say what they want to say.

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4 Responses

  1. Debasish Maiti says:

    Very real…..teachers are great souls

  2. How very cooooooolllllllllll!
    How did you know all this ?

  3. Apra Narain says:

    Spirit of Teachers – ‘Always Positive’

  4. Kanishkka says:

    Always positive and true

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