Your Kid is A Topper – Make This a Habit!

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Being a parent is quite tough, especially if your kid is a topper, as you have an additional worry to maintain your kids score the same or make it better so that he/she continues to be a topper. To make this a habit, kids need to master a couple of techniques and instill some highly effective studying habits.

Parents also need to play their part in order to help their kids with maintaining their best score. We have probably heard or read ‘study smart, not hard’, and this is a very appropriate way of achieving the goal one has set for them. Let’s go through the list below to understand how you can help your kid with being a topper and make it a habit:

1. Parents need to teach their kid to understand the topic of their study and not let the kid blindly by heart the matter and this is very essential for kids understanding.

2. Submitting homework on time will help the kid to stay on track with what is being taught in class and it clears the concept. It also helps practice and raise questions in case the kid is not clear with the topic.

3. Taking short breaks after each study session help in better concentration and does not make the routine monotonous.

4. Never skip class, and you will always be up to date with your teacher and you won’t fall behind.

5. That being said, priorities must be maintained with a goal in mind and a proper study schedule.

6. When the child is studying, parents need to make sure that the child is kept away from any kind of distractions especially during study hours. This increases the productivity and will help the kid complete the task in a shorter period of time allowing some extra time.

7. Kids should be taught about how to manage time and stay organized, as this will teach them to avoid multi-tasking and break tasks efficiently.

8. Allowing your kid, the freedom to study depending on their comfort level helps them to study with a clear and a focused mind.

9. Encourage your kid to help other kids with their studies, this will help them to revise and understand better.

10. Parents need to spend time with their kids and give them all the attention they require; this will allow the kids to express their feelings more openly in case they have any doubt or need help.

11. Make sure that your kid gets enough time to play and interact with other kids, this builds confidence in them.

12. To maintain top score, teach your kid to be dedicated, organised and to respect time.

13. Sustaining good notes is also important as this will encourage the kid to listen carefully when the lecture is on.

14. Pay attention to what is being taught and ask questions.

15. Participate in class discussions, this will expand your knowledge.

16. Read aloud and let your brain process information faster and accurately.

17. Write down important points and discuss topics that are hard to understand.

18. Read the textbook thoroughly but don’t just stick to it, try and associate the textbook concept with real life events if possible. This will help broaden the concept of the topic that is being taught.

19. Revise the study effectively to maintain good grades.

20. Try and avoid procrastinating as all it does is kill time and reduce productivity.

21. Let your kid explore and choose a method that would work the best for him/her.

All this might seem difficult, but when you sit down and plan everything systematically it will eventually seem easy. Parents need to be supportive and not force the kid into doing what they do not intend on doing. Amidst all this learning giving kids their personal time to have fun boosts up their interest to learn and because they are kids, they have the right to have fun. So, if you inculcate these practices effectively and on a regular basis it will become a habit and we all know that ‘habits die hard’. For Olympiad Preparation Visit Here

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