How To Improve Concentration of Your Kids

Increased level of concentration is directly proportional to improved result and that too in lesser time. First of let’s see what concentration is. “Concentration is taking your mind off many things and putting it on one thing at a time”. An improved concentration level will help your kid perform better in learning and perform awesome, be it school test or exams like Science Olympiads, Maths Olympiads etc. So here some awesome ways to improve concentration.

1. Don’t keep your stomach empty before studying – The glucose in the food helps in improving memory. But don’t overeat as it may slow down your brain processing. Remember brain also need fuel for digestion.

2. Make picture in your head of what you study – Instead of learning to eat an apple a day, try visualizing yourself with eating an apple.

3. Give your brain a break – Our hardworking and intelligent brain also needs some recess. So give it some, otherwise in long run it may lose interest.

4. Give your brain some muscles – The key to a healthy life is exercise. In a healthy body lies a healthy brain and hence an improvement in its performance.

5. Be in a soothing environment – An environment with lots of disturbance makes your mind lose its peace. Don’t let unnecessary elements hinder your concentration powers.

6. Get sufficient sleep – While you sleep your brain still works, but on what? On mending the broken things… It heals you. So sleep, be fit. Wake up fresh, and improve your concentration. Bingo! And that too without working hard.

7. Stay away from disturbances – Keep your mobile away, and other such gadgets. If you can’t, try spending time on some education sites like SOF Olympiad Trainer, or such.

Now coming to few techniques which will help you in improving concentration!

Sense of Smell Method – When you take a walk to a garden or even to a fruit vendor, there would be different kind of smells. Try concentrating on one just smell and sense that particular smell. This is an amazing technique to improve your concentration.

Meditate – Meditation is the most powerful of all concentration techniques. There are so many meditation tricks on internet, one can try.

The Keywords Technique – In this technique, find the right word about which you are studying. Like subject of the topic. And whenever you lose your concentration, start saying that word repeatedly.

For Ex – Suppose you are reading something about guitar, then guitar will be your word. As soon as you feel distracted, repeat the word guitar and see the wonders eventually.

Practice mindfulness – During breaks at home or on the job, take some steady, deep breaths and simply concentrate on your inhalations and exhalations. This Buddhist technique has shown to improve mental performance by helping ground your mind in the present, instead of letting it distracted throughout the day.

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