Why Mocks By SOF Olympiad Trainer

Practice makes a man perfect. And so does Mock Tests.By practicing mock tests you are actually working towards improving your exam scores. It focuses on various aspects of the exam which could not have understood by just studying theories.
Mocks are trial test which are based on original exam pattern and should be taken mostly after preparing for the exam. Based on result you should assess the level of preparation.Thus getting an insight before main exams. Mocks are available for nearly all the exams be it Olympiads, or government or any other. There are many more advantages of giving mock tests, which are as follows:

• Better time management – Time is one of the most important factor when it comes to successfully clearing any of the exam. However how much one is prepared for the exam, unless and until he/she she doesn’t know to put the complete knowledge in the given time frame it becomes useless. So by giving mocks you know where you are taking more time to answer a question and hence work on that part.

• Boost Confidence – Practicing Mocks not only makes one prepare for the exam but also boosts confidence. It helps you oversee time and execution with awesome certainty. The more test you’ll give, the better you’ll comprehend your strong and weak territories. Similarly gives you the chance to settle each inquiry with an uplifting attitude as you are assured that you have already prepared well.

• Know about your strengths and weaknesses – While giving mock tests one gets to know about their strength and weaknesses on various topics. This achieved by analyzing the amount of effort invested and time taken in answering various questions.

• Reduces error – Sometimes you may feel that you know a particular topic well, but when you start giving the test it turns out to be otherwise. You get to know where all you lose your attention and what all are the things you tend to forget. This way error reduces in the original exam.

• Improved Problem Solving Skill – The more you practice something the easier it becomes to do it. So mock test gives you this opportunity. You also get to know how much efficient are you if any new problem is thrown to you.

• It helps you revise – By repeatedly giving these tests you revise your course along with practicing it. Thus helping you in scoring well in an exam.

• It gives you feel of a real exam – As mock tests are similar to the original exam pattern they help them face the pressure of exam beforehand. So in turn in the real exam you are already prepared to face this pressure and hence an improved performance.

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  1. Harshal pawan agrawal says:

    I was not happy with the material provided by the sof olympiad team..
    And even i have purchased all the papers and mock tests, model papers, previous papers…i was not satisfied.. it was a little easy… Because the question paper of english olympiad for class 2 was quite difficult.. So study material provided by sof experts should be up to the mark… Level should be same of question paper and notes provided…
    Not happy with the question paper of class 2 english olympiad.. As per notes provided on official site.

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