IMO Level 2 Sample Papers | IMO 2nd Level Exam Preparation

IMO 2nd Level Exam Preparation

Whoa! You are at the right place, at the right time, as we are the Official and the World's Largest SOF Olympiad Training Portal with the most authentic and upto date content for 2nd level IMO. The children have worked hard for IMO exams. It is now our turn to boost their confidence and help them prepare well for 2nd Level IMO.

Here is some information and some tips for IMO Level 2 Exams

  1. Level 2 Olympiads for IMO, IMO, IMO are generally held in 2nd or 3rd week of February.
  2. By this time, most of the schools have completed the curriculum for the session, so children have been taught all the topics.
  3. IMO Level 2 Olympiads are tougher and comprehensive, but with regular practice and discipline, it is not difficult to get a good rank.
  4. IMO 1st level Results would be out in January end, so you get very little time to prepare for IMO Level 2.
  5. If you are confident about your child's performance in IMO 1st level, then start preparing them gradually for IMO Level 2, without waiting for the IMO Level 1 results to be out. It never hurts to study extra.
  6. Spending few hours per week, will help you get a good score in IMO Level 2.
  7. We know you are overburdened with your syllabus in your schools and thus we have tried to keep the 2nd Level Olympiad Preparation content on our portal as crisp and relevant as possible.
  8. We suggest that with the below mentioned content, you can score really well and be proud of the time spent with us on SOF Olympiad Trainer
    • Revise IMO Chapter-wise Testbank
    • Attempt IMO Level 2 Previous Year Papers
    • Attempt IMO Level 2 Mock Tests
So help your children realize their true potential by preparing and practicing with SOF Olympiad Trainer.

We have IMO Level 2 Content for for Classes 3 to 8.

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Level-2 Pattern

Class Section No. of Questions Marks per Question Total Marks
3 to 4 Mathematics 30 1 30
Achievers Section 5 2 10
Grand Total 35 40
5 to 12 Mathematics 45 1 45
Achievers Section 5 3 15
Grand Total 50 60