SOF Olympiad Trainer Story

‘Who moved my cheese’ by Dr Spensor Johnson, is a story about changes that take place in a maze, where four characters look for cheese – cheese being a metaphor for what you aim for in life and maze represents where you spend time looking for it.
The story is an insight to recognize our strengths and understand the need to change with the fast changing world by accepting and adapting to the modern day technology.

We at Revisewise had a vision to change the old, contemporary methods of revision and bring a new, more technological savvy, easier and interesting method of learning.

It was with this vision that we partnered with SOF & MTG Learning Media to launch ‘’ on the web portal and ‘SOF Olympiad Trainer’ app on the mobile devices for the complete preparation for NSO, IMO, IEO and NCO Olympiads in an interactive digital format.

We were extremely humbled, encouraged and excited at the response we got from all the parents and children who enrolled on this platform.

When we launched the Mock Tests for NCO, NSO, IMO & IEO we got such an overwhelming response from our enthusiastic students that both our organization and computer systems were in for a surprise 🙂

Revisewise is glad that the portal got a great response. We thank, appreciate and congratulate all the proud parents and brilliant children who practiced on our platform and did well in Olympiads

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  1. Mohit says:

    You have published very meaningful message .

  2. rudra says:

    pleas tell me what is my result on nco

  3. rudra says:

    pleas tell my result on NCO

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