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Hi Valued Friends,

From Sof Olympiad Trainer, greetings!

We’re writing to you today to share some crucial information about our package costs. We ran all of the courses at the same pricing for the last three years. We are experiencing some unavoidable charges that have led to a┬árise in our package rates as a result of increased costs for resources and infrastructure, particularly IT services. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have given you and we recognize that it may have been inconvenient for you.


We can guarantee that we have tried everything possible to prevent this price increase. We must, however, make this modification because we have no other option. We sincerely hope that you will understand us as we work to give you the greatest educational experience possible.


At the same time, we’d want to use this chance to share some interesting platform changes and new features with you. Our staff has been working hard to improve the functioning of our portal and provide additional resources that meet your demands for Olympiad preparation. The following are a few of the fresh features we’ve added:

-More features in the test generator

-Interactive quizzes and assignments

-Advanced performance analytics and reports

-Improved user interface for easy navigation


We want to be clear that your current packages or your ability to access our resources won’t be impacted by this price increase. We want to let you know that this increase will apply on May 1, 2023. So that you can benefit from the present costs, we strongly advise you to purchase any additional packages you might require by April 30, 2023.

We assureyou that we are committed to giving you access to excellent educational materials and support.

We appreciate your faith in us and your continued business, and we sincerely appreciate it.

-Team SOF Olympiad Trainer

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  1. Punam Roy says:

    What is the cost

  2. Punam Roy says:

    What is the cost ?

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