Why are Olympiads not as hard as you think they are? And why should you attempt them!!?!!

The habit of exaggerating the difficulty of competitive exams can become the reason for your children to not attempt exams as easy as the olympiads. Without a doubt, this is a competitive world we live in, but practice makes people perfect. Olympiads are a way not just to test your child’s knowledge but also to discover their talents.\

Here are some reasons which make olympiads easy to crack!!-

1. No Negative Marking– Competitive exams are well known for their negative markings while olympiads remain a system of examinations where there is no negative marking.

Seriously, a competitive exam with no negative marking!


2. Section Wise Format- The exams are usually divided into sections giving children the ability to score even full marks in certain sections which they know well. It will boost their confidence even if they don’t perform well in some sections.

If they perform well in certain sections and not satisfactory in certain sections. It is easy to determine which areas they need to put more focus on. You know what are the strengths and weaknesses of your child and work on them accordingly.


3. Examination levels- The olympiads are conducted in levels. The ones that clear level 1 will be eligible for level 2 examinations and so on.

Your child may or may not clear all levels of this examination but is learning to take competition in a safe, secure environment and is acquiring some additional supplementary knowledge. There is constant progress that you can monitor.

4. Multiple Choice Questions- Yes you read it correctly, multiple choice questions are easy to crack since the hints are available to you on your question paper.

There is no excuse such as- “I remembered just a little but not enough to write the correct answer”. This makes these exams easy to crack.

5. Parent’s role in Student’s preparation- Parents need not stress their children out with studies and criticize them every chance they get. Be positive and keep the schedules of school hours and home study in sync with each other.

6. Where SOF Olympiad Trainer comes in- SOF Olympiad Trainer is your go to website to solve problems regarding your child’s Olympiad preparation.

We offer olympiad preparation courses that are easily accessible and also contain chapter wise packages. With quizzes and free games for your kids to play while learning.

SOF Olympiad Trainer offers an online learning portal for your kids to access anytime anywhere and makes it possible for you to revise anytime you want. Visit- http://www.sofolympiadtrainer.com to learn more.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Your Kids Should Attempt Olympiads?

1. Conducted Study- According to a conducted study, people found that by the time you pass out from school, 30% of your intelligence gets destroyed because most of the focus of a student’s curriculum is to test memory and not intelligence.

As a concerned and smart parent, you would want to prevent this from happening to your kids. The best way to bring them out of that bubble is by logical reasoning and 

aptitude tests. For that matter, Olympiads are still a useful resource.

2. Talent- As a parent, you wouldn’t want your child’s talent to remain hidden and olympiads are a great way to discover them.

3. Change your Perspective- Whether or not you should make your child take olympiad tests is a matter of perspective. Not considering olympiads as a thing on which life depends, treat them as an analytical tool.

Just do that and it will go smoothly.

4. Development of your children- To see how your kids fit into the competition from an early age is a wise decision. An experience that drives them out of their comfort zone is important. 

As kids we were living in a bubble and reality hits hard when you go to college because you get a taste of the competitive world. From an early age, “we can prepare our children for the future so that it goes smoothly”. 

Keep Olympiads also as a practice and reminder for the future, about the competitive world.

5. No harsh decisions- What does it hurt to try? Attempting olympiads can never be a harsh decision.

6. Motivation for the future- Your child’s track record can motivate them and allow them to take future competitive exams with ease.

7. They Learn- With SOF Olympiad Trainer’s free zone, you can learn while playing and in the pursuit of competing with the outside world children will learn and develop quickly.

8. They Develop analytical thinking- With the Olympaid’s mind bending questions and answers that are made easier by SOF Olympiad Trainer, children develop analytical thinking and conceptual understanding of the subject matter.

Analytical thinking helps solve problems in our day-to-day lives for which olympiads are a useful tool.

9. Habit- Clearing other competitive exams as well as olympiads is a matter of habit. From an early age, class 1st, giving these olympiads builds up a habit to understand

the concepts and develop analytical thinking and this is required for most competitive exams. If you want your kids to succeed in other competitive exams as well,

olympiads  are a great way to start, it will build a great habit.



Olympiads will help prepare for the future and give them an experience of competing in competitive exams. They will learn, develop good habits and help in the overall development of the children.

Just not that, they are easy to win as well.

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