How to Handle Bullying in School : Point of View of a Bully!

Hello people, I am Mr. Bully! I am that big kid in your school who sends the shivers down the spines of many of you. Well, you know, I have always been a very naughty and wicked kid. I was someone who always got fascinated by the sheer aura of dominance of all the big bad men we all used to come across in stories and movies. No doubt, I also want to be one when I grow up. Dominating others and bullying them gives me immense pleasure. When kids like you fear me, I feel like I am the king of the world! I usually target kids who are younger and physically inferior to me. You know, they are easier to dominate! Also the kids who don’t have many friends are easy targets. Although, sometimes I choose wrong targets and almost get myself into trouble but that is a risk worth taking.

There are certain things which annoy me. These things make me lose my interest and I don’t bully them any more:

1. Telling an Adult

telling to parents

Dude, seriously? This is what kids like you do which makes me go mad. I won’t admit, but this very thing gets me in trouble a lot of times. I generally threaten kids so that they don’t tell anyone about anything. I blackmail them, try to overpower them physically and sometimes make fun of them in public to embarrass them. Even after all these efforts, when somebody does go to a teacher or their parents, it makes me defenceless and hence I leave those boring people alone. So… if you want to keep me away always consult an adult, your teacher your parents or whomever you may trust.

2. Ignoring me

ignore bully

This rather disappoints me. Sometimes, I even feel offended by the ignorant behaviour. I do all this to get attention, to make a mark for myself. I like it when people talk about me and people around me can feel my presence. See, simple formula, all kinds of attention is good. When I am trying to get your attention by making fun of you in public, you are not supposed to ignore me. If somebody does that, I think it is better to find someone else for my recreation. So to keep me away… do ignore me!

3. Buddy System

olympiad trainer

Seriously man, there is so much wrong with this world and I can’t set it all right! Children those who don’t have friends I like them. Children with buddy’s and friends, I don’t like them.

When you have friends it’s hard for me to get you because I prey on people who are alone. You were supposed to be alone and if you are not, you are of no use to me bro.

4. Raising your voice against me


Dude, both of us know that you are quieter than me. I f I raise voice and you do in return, there is no point I waste my time in you. So to shoo me off, have the guts and raise your voice.

5. Building your own strengths


I thrive on the fact that you are not strong enough to face me. Or at least, you think you are not as strong as me. When I constantly keep bullying someone and he starts building his own strengths, the fun part goes. So, for my happiness, please always don’t work upon working on your inner strengths. Otherwise, I will simply walk away and find someone else.

Now since I have told you an awful lot about me, I wouldn’t mind letting you in with something else. One more thing which frightens me the most as a bully is to see all the other kids around me ganging up and running all those groups and campaigns against me. After all, I am also a kid like all of you!

All right then, enough of the talking part for today, now let me go hunting!!

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8 Responses

  1. Gkaur says:

    These tips are awesome!!!

  2. Amtuzyusufi says:

    Very nice advise!

  3. Dr Tapan Kr Mandal says:

    very nice suggestions….

  4. Anees Shah says:

    The bullying is, yes, a chronic problem in school. It did not come up yesterday and it will not be eliminated tomorrow. How, then, to live with this practice and minimize its effects within the school environment?

    The good news is that, for some years now, educational institutions, families and even the government have realized that this is a serious problem in schools and that some measures need to be taken.

    Read more about bullying in this post and learn why it is a chronic problem in schools and how to detect it before having more serious consequences.

  5. Navaneeth Krishna S. S says:

    I liked all theeee suggests and …THANK YOU

  6. Debasish Maiti says:

    Yes, really this bullying is a enormous problem in school…but those who will read this will quiet aware of it….It is extremely useful 😉 :))

  7. Mohhika Sharma says:

    Quite cool..though I’m not bullied because of me raising my voice, my friends sometimes are. I’ll tell them these tips.

  8. Tillahana says:

    Tips are so good though I like tip 1 so so much

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