Summer is here. Oh! I have been long waiting for the summer break to arrive. It’s the time of summer we all look forward to, right? The fact remains that it is time for you to bond and spend some memorable quality time with your friends, your siblings and your parents.

However, it is only a matter of time when you might run out of activities to keep the “fun” alive. Do you have any idea what to do now? Well, obviously you must be having a list of interesting activities in your mind to do this summer. However, what if the activities you planned got over before the summer break ends?

We understand how troublesome it gets when you start running low on ideas, to keep yourself entertained and how summer becomes a ticket to boredom for most of the kids. So, we have come up with some really interesting activities full of fun, fulfillment and entertainment for the whole summer. Try them out! Summer Camp

1. Rock Collection or Rock Painting

Rock Collection and Rock Painting are the activities that would help in remaining entertained for a due period of time. Surely, “I am bored” howls will go away for a considerable amount of time. It would also help enhance your creativity, and learn a new skill. Also, this task will introduce you to the astonishing beauty of colors, how they can be consumed in various different ways, including the mixing of colors to form a new color and give a mesmerizing look to the masterpiece.

2. Design your own house Welcome nameplates

Love art? what are you waiting for? Design your own nameplate for your home sweet home.  Create a nameplate that represents your heartiest welcome to the guests or even your loved ones. I am sure after you assemble a welcome nameplate you would realize the sense of attachment you would acquire through this task. This task definitely deserves to be on your bucket list for the coming summer break.

3. Design a Card with MS Paint

An e-greeting card or an invitation card is just where you can get both artistic and imaginative. Celebrate your birthday and wish others in style. This activity will not just help you keep yourself busy but also will help you to explore Microsoft Paint. Various designs can be constructed through MS Paint. It would be beneficial in learning new concepts and software applied to computers. Entering the cyber world will be extremely beneficial in order to expose yourself to the computer world.

4 . Design your own flyer

Have you ever wondered what is it like to be an entrepreneur, handling your own company, handling your clients? Well, Imagine you own a company, design a beautiful name for it, imagine yourself attracting clients towards your company? Do you know the simplest way to attract people? It is through flyers. Flyers help grab the attention of the people who might be interested in acquiring the services you provide. Help them reach you so that you can provide your excellent services and ensure your quality service to them for a lifetime.

5. Build a Fountain

Building a fountain is a very interesting activity for children. It’s a skill that can never be taught. It is something you learn gradually. Building a fountain for your home seems like a laborious task, but it isn’t, it is very easy to construct and requires very few articles to form. It beautifies the guest experience at your home through the amazing sounds that the flowing water makes.

Try to do some social service to utilize your time productively. Here are a few activities that you could perform to pass your time and contribute to the environment:

a) Water your plants every day

Watering plants every day would give you a sense of pride when it contributes towards the greenery of your surroundings. With more greenery around you, the amount of oxygen will increase which would not just benefit you, but the entire area that surrounds you. You will definitely receive people’s appreciation which would encourage you to become selfless and would boost your confidence in yourself.

b) Feed the birds

Feeding the birds would just require a few minutes of your day. Those few minutes could help them quench their thirst and remove their hunger for the day. It would give you immense pleasure realizing that helping others can bring heartfelt joy. Doing this every day would benefit both you and the birds that are considered such beautiful creatures of God.

c) Donate your clothes to the needy

Donating the stuff that you don’t need will help clear out the space for new things. It would help needy people receive stuff that would help them survive. It would be extremely gratifying when you watch other kids become happy with what was of no use to you.

So, consider all these activities before you howl “I am bored”. These are very interesting activities to keep you entertained for your entire summer break. Along with the fun, you would acquire, you would understand that there is so much for you to explore around you. These will enhance your creativity skills and expose you to the kind of world which exists away from the educational world in schools.

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Bishakha Nihalani | High School Graduate | Content Writer | A unique creative content writer |

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2 Responses

  1. Debasish Maiti says:

    Very very nice ideas…..and imaginative also….I also got imaginative ideas…now I will also make my summer holidays useful and interesting…;) 😉 <:0

  2. Mohhika Sharma says:

    I tried Rock Painting and collected rocks from the plants at home. Mum was surprised at the silence!

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