1. Suppose you start the practice of playing cricket on 3rd April which is Tuesday and Saturday and Sunday is off and you practice for 20 days, then the practice would end on
  2. The figure is embedded in the figure (B)

    Fig (A)

    Fig (B)

    FIG (C)

    FIG (D)

  3. If the weight of Gyan is 56 kilograms, weight of Harmesh is 55 kilograms, weight of Jagat is 54 kilograms, weight of Kadam is 52 kilograms then Gyan is heaviest and Kadam is of lightest weight.
  4. From a pack of 52 cards, the chance that card of spade would be drawn is 1/4 since there are 13 cards of spade ( 13/52 ) and the chance that the red card would be drawn is 1/2 since there are 26 cards which are red ( 26/52 ).
  5. If today is Sunday, then day after tomorrow would be Tuesday, and day before yesterday was Friday.
  6. If the height of Yamini is more than the height of Helen, and the height of Tarini is more than the height of Yamini, and Jayanti is tallest among them all. Then the order of height is as follows - Jayanti




  7. If there are 30 students and there are 5 students in a group, then there are 30/5 = 6 students in a group.

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