Student Testimonials


I D Paghalavan


Sof Olympiad Trainer was a great help in preparing for Olympiads exam. Thanks!


Aadi Parakh

Class: 1st

Delhi Public School,Raipur,Chattisgarh
International 1st rank in IMO olympiads
There are many many painters, but 3-4 strokes by a master makes a painting "a masterpiece. This thing implies here too.
A masterly guidance by SOF Trainer has made me a scholar.
Mock test and model papers have helped a lot in boosting my confidence. thank you sof team. I also offer my gratitude to GOD and my well wishers.

Aarav Aggarwal


SOF Olympiad Trainer is the gateway which helps you to achieve your goal through your hard work. It gives you presentation of live online exam with instant reports and analysis. It teaches you where you lack and it trains you in such a manner that you overcome all your hurdles.
It helped me to achieve 3rd rank in Punjab State along with Bronze medal in class 5, SOF-8th?International Mathematics Olympiad 2ND LEVEL EXAMS.
And I hope SOF Olympiad Trainer will help me to perform much better next time.

Shree Rath

I have been using SOF Olympiad Trainer since two years. Through this online trainer, I have visibly improved my results. I made it to the top 25 students in state level and got awesome international ranks. The credit of this achievement goes to SOF Olympiad Trainer. With just the books and a lot of help from this trainer gave me exactly 8 gold medals(4 in each year). Moreover, I qualified for the 2nd level and got amazing state ranks in that too. I would like to thank SOF Olympiad Trainer from the bottom of my heart for this rate of success and would recommend others to also use it. THANK YOU!!!

Aditya Bhattacharya

Class: 3rd of Navrachana School

Aditya Bhattacharya, 8yrs, Std III of Navrachana School, Sama, Vadodara?loves to read English story books and tries to find out new words to explore it. IEO has given a new platform where our child gets new challenges by solving their test papers, knowing many folds of English. He enjoys the language with everyday learning. We are grateful to SOF for making such a innovative platform to learn & explore the different subject.

Ajay Lahoti


I am student of Grade 1 of Springdales Dubai. I Secured 1st rank in IMO at school level (18th Rank internationally) and also secured 3rd Rank in IEO at school level (6th rank internationally).
I would like to thank my parents and teachers for their guidance and efforts.
However this would have not been possible without SOF trainer which helped me in practicing variety of questions and offered me several model and test papers. This also saved my time in revision and this platform is also very user friendly. I would like to use the same in this year exams also and hope for better results this year too.

Atharva Phirke

I am very much thankful to the Olympiad Trainer. It helped me to achieve gold medal in IMO and Medal of Excellence in NCO with an international rank 61. The overall design of the trainer is really very good and simple to use. I am planning to subscribe the trainer this year too.

Aadit Bhagade


I, AADIT BHAGADE, am a student of Class IV , Delhi Public School, Vadodara, Gujarat. I express my sincere gratitude to the entire team of SOF Olympiad Trainer for providing such great assistance in my Olympiad preparations.
1. Class III - Academic Excellence Scholarship 2015-16
2. Level II NCO - State Rank 2
3. Level II NSO - State Rank 6
4. Level II IMO - State Rank 2
5. IEO - State Rank 2
This would not have been possible without the support of SOF Olympiad Trainer! A big THANK YOU once again!

Ashesh Tripathy


It immensely helped in the level 1 exam, many thanks to SOF Olympiad team.

Rishit Sharma


Rishit Sharma is currently studying in class 6 at Nehru World School, Ghaziabad. He is doing fairly well in his studies. The best thing is that he is improving with time. He started appearing for Olympiad from class 3 and medal tally is 6 nos till class 5.
His performance in Olympiads is as under

Year Standard Exam Medal Roll no
2013-14 Class 3 NSO SILVER MEDAL 1367-03-0
2014-15 Class 4 IMO GOLD MEDAL WITH EXCELLENCE CERT. 1367-04-03
2014-15 Class 4 NSO SILVER MEDAL 1367-04-03
2015-16 Class 5 IMO GOLD MEDAL WITH EXCELLENCE CERT. 1367-05-02
2015-16 Class 5 NSO GOLD MEDAL 1367-05-02
2015-16 Class 5 IEO SILVER MEDAL 1367-05-02

He is pursuing regular badminton training also. I wish if you place his picture & achievement on your web then he will feel further motivated to improve further.
I also feel that SOFOLYMPIADTRAINER has played pivotal role in transforming Rishit Sharma into a more competitive student and recommend other students also to pursue their study materials.




It is my pleasure that my child M BHANU MANIDEEP (Class 3) of OAK?VALLEY SCHOOL, Hyderabad (Telangana) wish to thank you for the great help provided by SOF OlympiadTrainer in his Olympiad preparations this year.?
Bhanu attempted?NSO and IMO and won medals in 2 exams.?
NSO - silver?
IMO - gold?
In IMO, Bhanu has received International 113 Rank.?
Thank you very much SOF for helping Bhanu

Nipun Jain


My son Nipun Jain participating in IMO from last two years and getting gold medal consistently from last two years.SOF Olympiad Trainer has been?played important role in his success.

Tanvi Ritisha Dash

IEO International Rank: 6

Tanvi has received an International rank of 6 in IEO held in 2015 for Standard 4 & also received award at State Level . She was a student of Ryan International School Kandivali East, Mumbai.She scored 38 out of 40 in English Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation.



CLASS 2 (2015-16)
ROLL NO. OR0172-02-063
Total Marks Scored 34 37 38
International Rank 1130 12 6
International award won N.A. N.A. N.A.
State/Zonal Rank 65 11 6
State/ Zonal Award Won N.A. Gold Medal of Excellence + Gifts worth Rs.1000/- + Merit Certificate Zonal Bronze Medal + Gifts worth Rs.1000/- + Merit Certificate
School Rank 2 2 4
School Award Won Gold Medal + Participation Certificate Participation Certificate Participation Certificate


Anish Singh


We came to know about SOF Olympiad Trainer from a web search engine. The SOF Olympiad Trainer team has done a fantastic piece of work by compiling all the information at one place and that to be so user friendly and highly aligned to the exam pattern. Mock tests are sort of dip stick test, to measure where you are among your peer and provides you vital inputs that where you are lacking to achieve your target. This input came very handy in strategising the preparation

SOF Ranks: 2015-16
IMO: 1st International Rank (2nd Level)
NCO: 6th International Rank, 1st in State (Gujarat, Daman & Diu)
NSO: 10th International Rank, 1st in State (Gujarat, Daman & Diu)
IEO: 9th International Rank, 9th in State (Gujarat, Daman & Diu)
AES Winner for 2015-16 and 2014-15

SOF Ranks: 2014-15
NCO: 2nd International Rank

SOF Ranks: 2012-13
NSO: 3rd International Rank



Atreya is very fond of Olympaid.This year he attended almost all olympaid exams.
He won gold medal in NCO-level 1 in grade 3 in 2015 and also attended level 2. Also won zonal silver medal in English i.e IEO. Have plans to attend all exams in 2016 as well.

Gurudutt S Kollur


My son Gurudutt S Kollur is very hardworking and sincere student. He likes to practice himself until he becomes perfect.
During class II he received 4 class level gold medals in (NSO, IMO, NCO and special gold medal of excellence in IEO). We are very proud of his achievement this year."

Anish Yogesh Kulkarni


Gold Medal in Science Olympiad Grade 1
3) For IMO and IEO grade 1 Silver medal.
4) NSO silver, IMO Silver in grade 2
5) NSO bronze and selected for second level in grade 3. He has been using SOF Olympiad Trainer's material to score?these?exams.


Rachit Ahuja


My son Rachit Ahuja has excelled in NSO IMO and IEO in class 4 - session 2015-16
Bhavan Vidyalaya Panchkula, Haryana. His achievement details are as follows:
NSO 1st level class topper gold
2nd level kit winner
IMO 1st level international rank 1 with? 100% marks
2nd level kit winner
IEO 1st level zonal excellence gold medal winner and kit winner.

Shubh Mishra

Class: 6st

My child received gold medal in NSO exam - Class 6.

Hitha S

Class: 1st

First Std- First Rank in Class in IMO/IEO/NSO Second standard- First Rank in Class in NCO/IMO/IEO/NSO, International and State rank third in IEO.

Harita Senthilkumar


Won a gold medal in 6th International English Olympiad by scoring 7th rank in School; International and state rank 10th.?

Koushik PRS


Koushik PRS is using olympiad trainer website for his olympaids preparation and it helped him to clear Last year 7th class IMO first level.

Yog Padam Anandani


He has appeared for IMO and IEO in his class 5.



My child got gold medals both in NSO and NCO.

Akhila Akella

class: 6th

Studying in Sri Gowthami smart school,Rajahmundry,Andhrapradesh

Vasudev sharma


My child won a gold medal in imo, nco, ieo and nso.

Arin Gupta

Class: 5th

Won Gold medal - 6th IEO, International Rank - 1, 2015-16
Won Bronze medal - 19th NSO, Class Topper, School rank 3.

We started using SOF Olympiad Trainer in 2015 and the very first results was the Gold medal bagged by Arin for IEO (2015-16) and qualified for Level 2 for both IMO and NSO.
Along with online, the OSDS pack is quite useful to prepare for all the exams as it creates a real exam scenario for practice.

Thanks to Olympiad Trainer for providing such a good platform for kids.