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The Science Olympiad Foundation's (SOF) IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad) aims to encourage interest in current events and general knowledge with the objective of a student's overall development, both academically and personally. It enables us to broaden our knowledge significantly beyond the confines of schoolwork and textbooks. IGKO is a one level exam. Students in class 1 to 10 are eligible to participate in the SOF IGKO exam. On the basis of these IGKO exam results, participants are ranked. There are four different levels on which students can evaluate themselves ie., at the school level, city level, national level, and international level.


  1. 1. Solving Previous Year's Papers for Olympiad Exam for Class 1 is very important.

    The Olympiad is recognized as a well-known and effective competition held yearly for General Knowledge. Olympiad winners are thought to be intelligent people. It helps students in acquiring knowledge outside of the classroom. Students can use a choice of solving IGKO Previous Year's Papers for class 1 on the SOF Trainer website. Students are encouraged to answer from previous years papers for the reasons listed below:

    • It eases tension and exam anxiety.
    • It helps in analysis from a viewpoint of examination.
    • Solving previous years papers helps students.
    • Students can better grasp how the marks are distributed as a result.
    • It helps in improving accuracy and speed.
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  4. 3. IGKO Previous Year's Papers for Class 1 are downloadable.
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    IGKO Previous Year's Papers for class 1 are downloadable in PDF format. You can also download the PDF format of OMR Sheet for practice.

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  1. 4. Get exam-ready by solving IGKO Previous Year's Papers for Class 1.
    • Before beginning their study for the IGKO exam, students must be familiar with the syllabus and course outline for IGKO class 1.
    • Students should carefully go through the class 1 IGKO Previous Year's Papers in order to comprehend the exam pattern.
    • Students must fully implement what they have learnt about the IGKO syllabus and exam format in their daily study practices.
    • Students will be able to save time and effort by planning ahead, which they may then utilize for other things. Students can set aside enough time for planning. To learn what kinds of questions were posed from a certain field, they can review the IGKO previous year's papers.
    • In order to increase their speed and accuracy, students must develop time management skills, which they can acquire by working through IGKO Previous Year's Papers.

  2. 5. Solving Previous Year's Papers is an effective way to score high marks.
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  3. 6. Benefits of solving IGKO Previous Year's Papers:
    • Due to the similarities of the syllabuses for these two exams, students in Class 1 can study for both their school exams and the IGKO exam at the same time.

    • By conducting the IGKO exam, the school administration can swiftly ascertain and evaluate the range of knowledge and skills of a Class 1 student.

    • The IGKO exam helps create the foundation for Class 1 students to have a successful career by developing good communication skills and the value of putting in extra effort.


Register with us to purchase and download IGKO's Previous 6 Year's Papers for Class 1 and avail free access to the IGKO Previous Year Paper - 2017. IGKO Previous Year's Papers for Class 1 are downloadable in PDF format. You can also download the PDF format of OMR Sheet for practice. Also, take an online test based on these Class 1 IGKO previous year's papers for better results.

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6 Previous Year Papers are available for IGKO.

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