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The International English Olympiad (IEO) is an English language and grammar competition for students of class 1 to 12. The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) coordinates it with the British Council. The exam's content is designed to focus on communication and the usage of the English language, instead of rote learning and solely using proper grammar. IEO participants are ranked according to their 1st Level score. After passing the 1st level of the exam, students can assess their academic progress at four separate levels: within their school, at their city, state, and, most importantly, internationally. IEO is a two level exam. Class 1 & 2 students are ranked based on their performance in the 1st level exam and are not needed to take the 2nd level exam.


  1. 1. Solving Previous Year's Papers for Olympiad Exam for Class 1 is very important.

    The Olympiad is regarded as a famous and advantageous contest organized annually for English. Olympiad champions are regarded as having high intelligence. It helps in students' knowledge acquisition outside of the classroom. The SOF Trainer website contains a variety of IEO Previous Year's Papers that students can use. For the following reasons, students are advised to solve previous year's papers:

    • It takes away exam anxiety and tension.
    • It helps in analyzing from the examination point of view.
    • Students benefit by solving previous year's papers.
    • It makes the division of marks easier for students to understand.
    • It helps in improving accuracy and speed.

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  4. 3. IEO Previous Year's Papers for class 1 are downloadable.
  5. The students can download the IEO's Previous 6 Year's Papers for Class 1 and purchase the IEO Previous Year Papers by clicking the register button below. They will also get free access to the IEO Previous Year Paper for 2015. The class 1 IEO previous year's papers are available for download in PDF format. For better practice, you can also download the OMR Sheet in PDF format.

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  1. 4. Get exam-ready by solving IEO Previous Year's Papers for Class 1.
    • Students must be familiar with the IEO class 1 syllabus and course outline prior to starting their study for the IEO exam.
    • The class 1 IEO Previous Year's Papers should be thoroughly examined by students in order to better understand the exam format.
    • In their everyday study routines, students must effectively apply what they have learned about the IEO syllabus and exam format.
    • Planning beforehand will help students save time and effort that could be better used elsewhere. Students are able to allot appropriate time for planning. They can look at the IEO previous year's papers to find out what kinds of questions were asked from any certain field.
    • Students must learn to manage their time, which they can do by working through IEO Previous Year's Papers, in order to boost their speed and accuracy.

  2. 5. Solving Previous Year's Papers is an effective way to score high marks.
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