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5 Mistakes Students Should Avoid During Olympiad Exams

Have you ever said these things while coming out of an examination hall: I wish I had more time; oh, now I know the correct answer! Why didn’t I think of it earlier? I shouldn’t have spent so much time on that question!
We know your answer would be YES, because this happens with almost every students at least once during exam time. Here we are describing 5 Mistakes Students Should Avoid During Olympiad exams and possible ways to avoid these. This will help in increasing your performance and avoiding errors during exam time.

  1. Panicking during exam time
  2. Do you worry a lot about the paper before it start and your heart start pounding like a machine? This is the worst thing which increases the chances of errors during exams. Try to calm yourself. Clarify the doubts of each lesson, prepare in advance to avoid panicking, take a good sleep in nights and be confident. It will keep you relax during exam and help in improving your performance.

  3. Failing To Go Through The Paper Once
  4. Always start your paper after scanning your question paper. In SOF Olympiad the sections have differential weightage. Achiever Section weights 2 or 3 marks per question. Try to solve those question first. But do not spend more time on a single question. Always try to divide your time depending upon the marks it carry and always carry a watch to manage your time.

  5. Leaving Question Unanswered in the Last Few Minutes
  6. Most of the Junior Olympiads do not have negative marking. Hence do not leave any question unanswered even if you have only few minutes left to answer.

  7. Little Unskilled in Taking OMR based Exams
  8. At school level many students are little unskilled for taking OMR based exams. They mark their answers on question papers and left OMR blank. Give yourself a good practice of taking OMR based MCQ Exam.

  9. Forgetting To Write Down Your Names And Other Personal Particulars
  10. Many students forget to write their particulars on the exam papers because they start writing answer as soon as they receive exam question paper. Forgetting to write you details on exam sheet can leads to zero in your result sheet. So, always write down your details first before starting exam and then start exam

    We tried to highlight 5 Mistakes Students Should Avoid During Olympiad exams. Remember these things and try these solutions to avoid these mistakes to enhance your performance with minimal efforts and ease.

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