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ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy


Fireworks, tears, singing, dancing and the national team players hailed as heroes. The euphoria of ICC Cricket world cup, is not less than a festive season for cricket enthusiasts across the world. A One-Day International format tournament held every four years The ICC Tournament Trophy, that the champion team takes home is special in itself.

The ICC Cricket World cup trophy is a unique piece in itself and has seen a number of changes over 44 years and 11 tournaments. Let’s take look into the history of this trophy as it has evolved since 1975.

THE PRUDENTIAL TROPHY - was the first world cup trophy, introduced in 1975 World Cup. This trophy was named after the UK-based company “Prudential” that sponsored the cricket extravaganza. The first two Prudential Cups were taken by West Indies, while the 1983 World Cup was won by India in an historic win under the captaincy of Kapil Dev.

THE RELIANCE CUP TROPHY - In 1987 the ICC World Cup was first time held outside England, in India. Sponsored by Reliance industries it turned out to be a big Corporate extravaganza. A 50 overs ODI instead of 60 the Reliance Cup Trophy was won by Australia.

THE BENSON AND HEDGES TROPHY - The World Cup in 1992 was hosted by Australia and New Zealand together. The Trophy won by Pakistan and sponsored by Benson And Hedges, was entirely made of crystal and is the only trophy in all ICC World Cups that had no trace of metal in it.

THE WILLS CUP TROPHY - In 1996 The World Cup was co-hosted by India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and was sponsored by Wills, an ITC Brand. This time Sri Lanka won the tournament and holds the record of the only cup that was won by a host country.

THE WORLD CUP TROPHY - The 12th edition and the current World Cup trophy was designed in 1999 by Garrard & Co aka The Crown Jewelers. Beautifully crafted the trophy is made of silver and gold and is 60 cm high and weighs around 11 kgs. The trophy has a globe that represents the cricket ball with its seam tilted denoting the axial tilt of the Earth. It is held by 3 columns that represent the stumps and the 3 fundamental aspects of cricket- batting, bowling and fielding.

With Australia lifting the trophy in 1999, 2003, 2007 and again in 2015, the 2011 trophy was lifted by India becoming the first country to win the Cricket World Cup final on home soil.

Did you know that ICC Cricket World cup had Mascots also? To read more Click Here

In Story

Yuvraj Singh


January 2011, 2 o'clock in the night, Yuvraj Singh wakes up abruptly. He felt difficulty in breathing, chest pain and rigorous coughing. He somehow managed to sleep. As days went by he faced a lot of difficulties coping up with his stamina and playing performance. But these gave him more reasons to practice harder.

The 2011 World cup began and the opening ceremony was not less of an extravaganza. He played matches with all his heart but there were many dark moments. Many a times he played so roughly he that he had a breakdown during the match. He threw up blood countless times in the dressing room but had an eye on the trophy that made him going. Indian team qualifies for the finals against Sri Lanka.

The final came and victory was just a step ahead. He had his goal set in his mind to get the trophy home. Yuvi being an all rounder bowled 10 overs and managed to get Sangakkara and Thilan out with an economy of 4.90 runs per over and batted a decent innings of 21* (not out). As Dhoni smashed the winning six leading India to their 2nd World cup winning ,Yuvraj got filled with adrenaline and shouted like anything.

Shortly after the World Cup victory, he was diagnosed with cancer where tumour had grown that of the size of a cricket ball between his heart and his lungs pressing a crucial artery. Symptoms of such a threatening ailment were being displayed along the tournament but his unflinching spirit and undying love for cricket had blinded him. Later it was discovered that after the win, he shouted so loudly, there was a chance that the crucial artery could get damaged. As soon as the diagnosis was done he flew to US for treatment. The news broke to the public and everyone was shocked to their core. Wishes came pouring in from all around world the from cricket enthusiasts and Yuvi lovers. Even the government announced to help him with the treatment.

Chemotherapy in US started in February ended in March after which yuvi resorted to ayurveda in a rehabilitation in may the same year. It was one of the darkest times in his life but our hero battled it like a mighty lion and came back to the pavilion in 2012. When asked about his journey he simply replied "The diagnosis of cancer shortly after the high of the World Cup victory, it took the joy out of everything, it was a very dark moment in my life. When you win the World Cup, when you are Player of the Tournament, you are on top of the mountain. Suddenly, you fall in the ditch. It's just life, you don't expect that -- you are left with no choice. I had to bounce back and I did it in what I thought was the best way I could"

Recently Yuvraj declared his retirement. An era has ended with his cricket career but his name would come up first in the world of head-to-head tussles, glamour, heavy loads of money and shot to instant fame.


Balwinder Sandhu

Balwinder Sandhu

No one can ever forget the triumphic moment when we won our first ICC World Cup in 1983. Do you recall the mighty in-swing bowler who was instrumental in turning the end game around?

Balwinder Sandhu was a renowned in-swinger of the 1983 World Cup team. Born in Bombay, Balwinder started his cricket career rather late as compared to any other cricketer.

Balwinder was one of Ramakant Achrekar's discovery who found him in a summer camp. His talent got him a place in the famous Shivaji park where Sachin Tendulkar practiced under the guidance of Ramakant Achrekar. Balwinder started off as an off-spin bowler but Ramakant saw an in-swinger in him and thus Balwinder became one of the best in-swing bowlers in Indian Cricket History.

Our hero landed his first domestic cricket gig in 1980-81 where he was called at the last moment to play in the place of Ravi Kulkarni who went to play international. He not only exploited this opportunity by reducing the opponent by 18-5 but also got the best average at the end of the season.

He played a great role in bringing India its first World Cup home. India was playing with the then defending champions West Indies in the World Cup final. In the early overs, Balwinder managed to get Gordon Greenidge, an ace batsman and ODI scorer, bowled out that shocked the West Indies team and turned the table around in favour of India. And as we say the rest is history. India won the World Cup.

After retiring he continued to serve as coach of the Mumbai team and guided them towards winning Ranji trophy, Irani trophy etc. Today he is an active contributor in the National Cricket Association.



Word Power

How well do you know your Cricketing heroes?

Find the nicknames of these famous Indian cricketers hidden in the alphabet web.

  • MS Dhoni
  • Saurav Ganguly
  • Yuvraj Singh
  • Ravindra Jadeja
  • Virat Kohli
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Bhuvneshwer Kumar
  • Sachin Tendulkar


Can you see the ball moving? How fast do you see it moving?

Actually the illustration is perfectly still.



In Formation


Motera Stadium - Ahmedabad

Have you heard of the Motera Stadium aka Sardar Patel cricket stadium of Ahmadabad?

Well, by 2020 the whole world would know about it.... Why? Glad you asked.

The Motera Stadium or Sardar Patel stadium is a gem of a stadium in India. It was built way back in 1982 and has hosted many matches across various formats.

In 2015 this stadium was demolished for reconstruction. Little did we knew that this marvellous piece of architecture would be becoming the LARGEST CRICKET STADIUM in the world. YES! it would take over title from the Melbourne Stadium in Australia. With a holding capacity of upto 110,000 spectators at a time adding another star in the Indian Cricket history, the stadium will have 3 practice ground with an indoor cricket academy, 4 team dressing rooms and an Olympic size swimming pool!!!

Claims to fame of the Matera stadium:

  • The stadium hosted matches during the 1987 and 2011 World Cups that were won by India.
  • It was here, in 1987, that cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar scored his 10,000th Test run, becoming the first batsman to reach the milestone.
  • Around seven years later, Kapil Dev broke Richard Hadlee's world record of 431 Test wickets.
  • That's not all. In 1999, the legendary Sachin Tendulkar scored his first double century on this very ground.

Expected to be completed by 2020, the stadium will become an iconic sports venue for both aspiring and elite players.



Scientific Name - Litchi chinensis

The blazing summers bring along a variety of juicy and water-based fruits that are enough to tantalize our taste buds. I'm sure most of you await the arrival of the exotic litchis. They may be small in size, but as they say, 'big surprises come in small packages'.

Did you know that in ancient China, gifting litchi to kings and queens was considered to be a great honor?

A lychee tree is a tall evergreen tree, bearing pink-red, roughly textured, small fleshy fruits. The outside of the fruit is inedible. The edible part being the underlying succulent, white and translucent sweet fleshy and juicy part within.

Lychee fruit is packed with many nutrients and thus has many health benefits. It is helpful in treating digestive issues, increasing blood circulation, cancer prevention, controlling blood pressure, promoting hair Growth and much more.

The fruit with its unique and refreshing flavor is a favorite fruit for many dessert dishes like ice creams, jelly, candies, yogurt and fruit preserves. The juice extract is a favorite as it blends well with many other fruit juices.

All in all the Lychee fruit is extremely versatile with its flavor’s, health benefits and usages.



Stuffed Lychees
Preparation Time: 10 Minutes


  • 15 fresh lychees
  • For the filling

  • Low fat paneer (cottage cheese) - ½ cup
  • Low fat milk - 2 tbsp
  • Sugar substitute - 1 tsp
  • Vanilla essence - ½ tsp


Step 1:-Slit the lychees horizontally and carefully deseed the lychees.

Step 2:-Blend all the ingredients of the filling.

Step 3:-Stuff each deseeded lychee with a tsp of the filling

Step 4:-Refrigerate the lychees for 30 minutes.

Step 5:-Serve chilled.



The Cricket fever is on. Let's look into some of the Interesting terms we come across in a game of Cricket :-

    A Knuckleball is a slow ball delivery used by a fast bowler. It forces the batsmen to play the ball early so resulting him in missing the ball completely or pulling it in the air for an easy catch.
  2. DUCK:
    Duck is the shortened version of the actual term “duck's egg out” meaning a zero score. When a batsman gets out on the first ball then it is called a Diamond Duck.
  3. NELSON:
    A Nelson is superstitious and mythical vernacular used in cricket. A score of 111 or multiple of 111 by either a team or an individual, is called a nelson or double nelson and so on.
    Completing a century or 100 runs in a game of cricket is also a game of nerves and wits. A score more than 90 runs on the scoreboard with a nervousness in order to complete a century, is called Nervous Nineties.
    When a crucial game of cricket gets interrupted due to bad weather Duckworth-Lewis-Stern Method is used to calculate the target score for the team going to bat in the second innings. This method has proven to be the most accurate method to calculate the target score and can only be used in limited overs match.


Word Power

There are three main manufacturers of cricket ball used in international matches: Kookaburra are manufactured in Australia, Dukes are manufactured in United Kingdom and SG are manufactured in Meerut, India.

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