SOF 2019-20 Award | NSO, NCO, IMO, IEO, IGKO Award


- For NCO, NSO & IMO – International & State toppers (in 20 zones/states) of classes three to twelve, awards will be provided to 2nd level winners.
- For IEO and class 1 & 2 winners of NCO, NSO & IMO – International & State topper awards will be provided to 1st level winners.
- Each winner will be entitled to one award for an exam. The winners will be entitled to the higher level award only. For eg,. the international top 3 rank holders will be entitled to awards based on their International ranks. Awards accruing to them for State ranks will be given to the next rank holder. Similarly, school award accruing to a State award winner will be given to the next rank holder.
- All students scoring 100% marks in the 2nd level exams of NCO, NSO & IMO ( 1st level exam in IEO) will win special awards consisting of Gifts worth Rs.1000/ and Merit Certificates.


1st Rs.50,000/- each + Gold Medal* + Merit Certificate 47
2nd Rs.25,000/- each + Silver Medal* + Merit Certificate 47
3rd Rs.10,000/- each + Bronze Medal*+ Merit Certificate 47


1st Rs.5,000/- each + Gold Medal*+ Merit Certificate 940
2nd Rs.2500/- each + Silver Medal*+ Merit Certificate 940
3rd Rs.1000/- each + Bronze Medal*+ Merit Certificate 940
Rank 4to 25 Gifts Worth Rs.1,000/- + Merit Certificate 20680


1. 600000 Medals to school Toppers.
- Where 10 or more students from one class write an exam - *gold, silver and bronze medals to top 3 rank holders.
- Where between 5 to 9 students from a class write an exam -* gold medal to the top rank holder.

2. Student Performance Report (SPR) for each participating student.
- Every student who appears in any SOF-Olympiad exam is provided with a Student Performance Report (SPR). An SPR is a detailed analysis of how the student attempted the 1st level Olympiad exam.
- The objective of SPR is to share with the student and her / his parents, analysis of student's answers. This is expected to enable the student understand her/his strengths and areas requiring improvement in absolute terms and also on a competitive scale consisting of lacs of students of her/his class who appeared for the Olympiad.

3. Participation certification to each student.

4. Merit certificate to 2nd level participants.

*Medals are Gold / Silver / Bronze color plated as applicable

5. Top 25 rank holders from each class & each Olympiad exam will be awarded Gold Medals of Excellence & Merit Certificate's of Excellence. This will be applicable for winners from 20 Zones/States for performance in the 1st level Olympiads in NCO, NSO, IMO & IEO.


1. Girl Child Scholarship Scheme (GCSS)- Rs.5000/each scholarship to 300 girls who are academically inclined but come from economically modest families.

2. Scholarship for excellence in English (SEE)- Rs.5000/ each scholarship to 120 students exhibiting excellence in English Language.

3. SOF – Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES)- Rs.5000/ scholarship + Trophy to 160 students from class three to class ten. Student scoring highest number of marks in 3 Olympiad exams during the year wins the AES. Winners to be selected for all 20 zones / states.