SOF Olympiad Trainer Mock Test Contest For NSO, NCO, IMO & IEO

nso mock test contest

Upcoming : FREE All India IMO Mock Test Contest   

What: FREE IMO Mock Test Contest
Date: 9th December & 10th December 2017

How: Register or Login And Take FREE All India IMO Mock Test on
Don't miss the chance. More than 50000 students appeared in the first round held on 2nd and 3rd December!
That's Not All! Top 3 scorers of each class get the Full IMO Test Package FREE next year. All you have to do is Score Maximum Marks in Minimum Time! [ Only first attempt will be considered ]


1- Only 1st attempt of the test will be considered.
2- Contestants with highest marks will be winners.
3- In case of a tie, contestant with least time taken will be declared the winner.
4- Three Winners for each class will be declared on SOF Olympiad Trainer.

Additional Info   

Let your little one be a part of SOF Scholar's family.

Here are some reasons why mock tests are effective and important for your children

  1. Mock tests are based on the exact Olympiads pattern.
  2. It benchmarks the child's preparation against last year cut-offs.
  3. These tests improve your child?s chance to enter 2nd level Olympiads.
  4. It also helps children decide which topics to concentrate on in order to score higher.
  5. It teaches children time management that helps them attempt the test in a better managed way.
  6. These tests help the children overcome anxiety, and they can attempt the real exam in calm way for good marks.
  7. Mock tests are a great way to increase your child's confidence level.
  8. Practice makes a man perfect and therefore, these tests reduce the amount of careless mistakes during the actual test.
  9. Mock test help you to get detailed analysis of your child?s preparation.
  10. The content and preparation for Olympiads emphasizes on application oriented learning.
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