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Summer Camps


Let's sing the praises of the wonderful world of 'Clay Art' and make the summer holidays highly entertaining...

Classes 1,2,3
Skill: Creative

Pebble Street

Ever imagined, how some colorless, inert, inanimate articles can lighten up your world? Unleash...

Classes 4,5,6,7
Skill: Creative

Fountain Head

It's time to fountain-ize your Summer break. Imagine yourself sitting in your veranda and enjoying nature's elegance...

Classes 8,9,10
Skill: Creative

Home Sweet Home

The first thing people look for when they come looking for you at home is your nameplate. So let your creative side come...

Classes 2,3,4
Skill: CYBER

Entrepreneur Kid

What do you need to be an entrepreneur? Do you require money? Do you require luck? Do you need...

Classes 5,6,7
Skill: CYBER

Editor's Cut

Portray your video making skills and bring smiles to all...

Classes 8,9,10
Skill: CYBER