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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 3

There was a man named Charlie. Charlie was alone and lived in a cabin in the woods. The only thing he saw every day was his old dog, Pepper. Pepper and Charlie would go for their daily walk and watch the birds, squirrels, and once in a while, some deer darting through the woods.
One day, Charlie was sitting on the front porch with Pepper when they heard a noise. It sounded like a loud crunching noise. Pepper sat up and looked around but didn’t see anything worth barking about. Charlie looked around too, but didn’t see anything but some sparrows flying over the fence. I wonder what that noise was, Charlie thought to himself. Both Charlie and Pepper sat back down. Charlie continued drinking his iced tea and Pepper was being just lazy sitting on the porch. That night, when Pepper and Charlie were finished with dinner, Charlie put some trash in the backyard. It was time for bed and Charlie checked the doors and shut off all the lights. "Good night Pepper," Charlie said. Pepper barked, and they both fell asleep.
The next morning, Charlie and Pepper had breakfast and went to sit on the front porch when suddenly they heard, crash! Charlie and Pepper ran to the back of the house just in time to see a huge bear going through the trash can by the tool shed. Pepper began barking and barking! Charlie yelled, "Get out of here! Go away!" shouted Charlie, and he threw a piece of wood at the bear. The bear got scared and ran away into the woods. "Now we know what that noise was yesterday," Charlie said to Pepper. Pepper just kept barking. "It’s okay," said Charlie. "He’s gone."
Charlie decided he needed to move the trash cans. He was going to put a lock on them. So, if, any bears decided to visit, they would not be able to open them. from their walk. When Charlie and Pepper got back from their walk, Charlie moved the trash cans into the shed and locked them. That night, all was calm and peaceful by the cabin in the woods.
Charlie drove the bear away by __________.

A making the bear watch the horror movie.
B singing to it and pleading it to go away.
C yelling and throwing a piece of wood at the bear, while Pepper barked continuously.
D banging the trash cans loudly until the bear ran away.

Ans 1: (Master Answer)

Class : Class 1
The correct answer is C.

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