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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 7

Match the column I with column II and select the correct option from the given codes.

A (iii) (iv) (v) (i) (ii)
B (v) (ii) (iv) (iii) (i)
C (ii) (iii) (v) (i) (iv)
D (ii) (iv) (v) (ii) (i)

It's A not D

Ans 1:

Class : Class 7

Ans 2:

Class : Class 10
Yes it is wrong

Ans 3:

Class : Class 4
There must have been a misprint, the 2 must/should have been 3.

Ans 4:

Class : Class 7
just replace error with year

Ans 5:

Class : Class 7
no...calamine solution is a base...amla is ascorbic acid.

Ans 6:

Class : Class 8
the question is wrong

Ans 7:

Class : Class 8

Ans 8:

Class : Class 10

Ans 9:

Class : Class 7 must have got it wrong maybe.....please check again... and let us know...

Ans 10:

Class : Class 7
Each time I put a doubt in the year box they send a reply ' enter a valid error.'

Ans 11:

Class : Class 7

Ans 12:

Class : Class 7
In the answer D the number 2 is repeated twice, we mostly get confused by this silly mistake. you guys have posted this in the forum 2 years back but the SOF Olympiad still did not rectify the mistake. I am going to put this in the error box.

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