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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 3

Match the following and select the correct option from the codes given below.

Column I Column II
(A) Run on petrol or diesel or gas (i) Bullock-cart
(b) Run by electricity (ii) Tonga
(c) Driven by animals (iii) Scooter
(d) Run by man power (iv) Rickshaw
(v) Metro rail
(vi) Boat
(vii) Motor cycle
(viii) Bicycle

(A) a - (vi), (vii); b - (vii); c - (i); d - (ii), (vi)

(B) a - (iii), (vii); b - (v); c - (ii); d - (i), (ii)

(C) a - (v), (vii); b - (vi); c - (ii); d - (vii), (viii)

(D) a - (iii), (vii); b - (v); c - (i), (ii); d - (iv), (vi), (viii)


Ans 1: (Master Answer)

Class : Class 1
The correct answer is D.

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