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Subject :NSO    Class : Class 7

star_opt.jpeg Match column I with column II and select the correct option from the codes given below.

Column I                Column II

(a) Earthworm        (i) Pulmonary

(b) Human              (ii) Branchial

(c) Prawn                (iii) Tracheal

(d) Insects              (iv) Cutaneous

(A) (a) - (i), (b) - (ii), (c) - (iii), (d) - (iv)

(B) (a) - (iv), (b) - (i), (c) - (ii), (d) - (iii)

(C) (a) - (iii), (b) - (ii), (c) - (iv), (d) - (i)

(D) (a) - (iv), (b) - (ii), (c) - (i), (d) - (iii).
I SERIOUSLY don't understand what the function of each thing. Can anyone please explain?

Ans 1:

Class : Class 8
I think Its option (B) . or It is related to respiratory system .

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