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Subject :IMO    Class : Class 7

Read the statements carefully and select the correct option.
Statement-1 : 400 bananas are bought at the rate of ₹ 800 and sold at the rate of ₹ 36 per dozen. The profit percentage is 50%.
Statement-2 : There were 60 coins in a bag. If the ratio of the number of ₹ 2 coins to the number of ₹ 5 coins was 7 : 5 and the remaining 12 coins were of ₹ 1, then there was 20 coins of ₹ 5 in the bag.

ABoth Statement-1 and Statement-2 are true.
BBoth Statement-1 and Statement-2 are false.
CStatement-1 is true but Statement-2 is false.
DStatement-1 is false but Statement-2 is true.

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