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Subject :IMO    Class : Class 6

Match the following.

Column-I Column-II
(i) The total weight of 3
boxes is 5 kg. If the
weight of two of the
boxes is x kg each,
then the weight of third
box (in kg) is _______.
(a) x  - 11
(ii) Sid had x toffees.
He ate 5 toffees and
gave 6 toffees to his
neighbour. The number
of toffees left with him
is ______.
(iii) Mohit had ₹ x. He gave
the money to his 3
sisters equally. Each
girl will get ₹ _______.
(c) 5 - 2x

A (i) → (c), (ii) → (a), (iii) → (b)
B (i) → (b), (ii) → (c), (iii) → (a)
C (i) → (c), (ii) → (b), (iii) → (a)
D (i) → (a), (ii) → (b), (iii) → (c)

yi coconntt yc

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