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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 6

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.
Casey lived in Baltimore, a big city in the USA. Apparently, the city is very dangerous, but Casey was only young and quite carefree and had not noticed any danger around her. She was fifteen years old and had long, platinum blonde hair. She had once dyed it black for a dare, but it looked very strange and did not suit her, so it did not last long. She had a very comfortable life in a large house in one of the suburbs on the outskirts of the city. It was a large building with a good-sized garden. The outside of the house was covered in ivy and had a swinging bench on the veranda that Casey liked to sit on during hot summer days.
Although Casey enjoyed her life in the city, she did find the summer quite tedious. Many of her friends went off to summer camp so she did not have anyone to hang around with. There was always Margaret next door, she never went anywhere, but Casey and Margaret did not always see eye-to-eye. They just had very different interests, aims and ideas. When they were young, their parents often left them to play together in the back garden and Casey hated this. Margaret was older and bossy, and always wanted to play games that Casey considered boring, like pretending to be doctors and nurses. Casey preferred going on adventures or climbing trees or collecting strange insects that could be found under old dead pieces of wood.
So, when Casey thought about her summer ahead, she decided to plan an adventure. The first step to the success of this would be to get her mother on board. Mothers can be notoriously difficult to sway when it comes to their daughters going on adventures especially if the adventure involved going abroad. Casey really wanted to explore another country, and this was a big part of her planned adventure. She knew her mother had visited many countries, particularly in South America, so Casey decided to plan a trip there and perhaps her mother would find it hard to say no.
What is the meaning of the word 'notoriously' in the third paragraph?



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