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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 4

Long ago, people happily lived under the rule of a king. The people of the kingdom were very happy as they had a very prosperous life with a lot of wealth and no misfortunes. The king decided to visit historical places and pilgrimages at distant places. He decided to travel by foot to interact with his people and accompany them. People of distant places were glad to have a conversation with their king and they were proud that their king was so kind with a good heart! After several weeks, he returned to the palace. He was quite happy that he visited many pilgrimages and could see his fellow people leading a happy life. But he had a regret. He had an intolerable pain in his feet as it was his first trip by foot for a long distance. He complained to his ministers that the roads weren’t comfortable and were very rocky. He said he was very much worried about the people who used to walk along those roads as it would be painful for them too! The King ordered his men to cover the road of the whole country with leather so that people might feel comfortable. The king thought that he had to do this for the betterment and happiness of the people. His ministers were stunned to hear his order as it would destroy the life of thousands of animals to get the sufficient quantity of leather and it would cost a lot of money also. A wise man from the ministry came to the king and said that he had another idea. The king asked - what was his alternative idea? The minister said, ‘Why do you want to kill the animals to cover the road with leather? Rather, you can just have a piece of leather cut in appropriate shape to cover your feet. The king was very much surprised by his suggestion and praised the wise minister. He ordered for a pair of leather shoes for him and requested the countrymen to wear shoes.

The king in this story was very ___________.

Akind with a good heart
Crude and haughty

It should be cruel because the king wanted to make road with leather, killing thousands of animals.

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