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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 5

Read the passage and answer the following question.

Hero of Tiger Conservation in India - Billy Arjan Singh (born 1917- died 2010) Born into a large, landowning Sikh family, Singh was a keen hunter in his youth. But once, after killing a young leopard he felt so disgusted by what he’d done that he became a protector of the big cats.
In the forests and grasslands of north India in Uttar Pradesh near the Indo-Nepal border, he created Dudhwa National Park. Here Billy lived and worked as an unpaid warden, raising leopards and tigers uncaged in his home, and encouraging them to return to the forest. Aged 88, Billy was the recipient of the J. Paul Getty Wildlife Conservation Award in acknowledgement of a lifetime’s work.

Was Billy, a hunter till he died?

ANo, he gave up hunting because he was a Sikh and a keen hunter.
BNo, he stopped hunting after he got the award.
CNo, he stopped because he felt very bad after killing a leopard.
DNo, because he was an unpaid warden all his life.


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