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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 5

Read the passage and answer the question that follow.

(1) We all have dreams of having more and longer holidays, getting a better job, being fitter or living in a wealthier place. The World Health Organisation defines Quality of Life as a person’s view of how well they live in the society they live in. And how they view of their goals and concerns. It is a complicated definition, but it basically asks the question of how happy we feel about our past, present and future. If we feel good about these things, then we more than likely have a good quality of life. This doesn’t mean we don’t want things to change because of course we do.
(2) We need to be in relatively good health to be able to study and to participate actively in society. The state of our health can be influenced by factors we cannot always control such as living in a poor neighbourhood, a place with bad weather conditions, or a country in which certain people lack the ability to better themselves. The importance of the climate, the environment and the economic situation of a country are of great importance and play a major role in improving the quality of life.
(3) So, if we are unable to feel happy there are several simple things we can put into practice to improve the way we live and feel. These can be various such as, immersing oneself in a passion like art or music, doing a sport to keep fit and healthy, granting ourselves small pleasures like a game of football or a stroll in the forest, reorganising our house, and of course spending time with our family and friends through leisure time and holidays.
(4) When asked, the majority of people who don’t live around their family rated spending time with their loved ones as one of their highest priorities. Being able to be amongst family is certainly a key factor in our happiness, but why? Perhaps it is because people in general need to feel loved, secure, nurtured and trusted and in general these emotions are most prevalent amongst family. Family and being able to see and be around them is another example of what makes humans happy so it seems like the WHO definition could change to include the ideas just mentioned.

We can change the things we do to be _______.

Aconsidered for grants and holidays
Bable to study more
Cgenerally happier and healthier
Dhappily engaged with our family members

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