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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 6

Read the passage and answer the question that follow.

(1) Global warming is all over the news from morning to evening and most of it is about how little is actually being done. The most frequently blamed and maligned source is carbon fuels. In light of the fact that the majority of the world is almost entirely dependent on fossil fuels for their electricity has made the scientific community uncomfortable and with little coming back from them on how to solve the apparent crisis we may need to go back to the ideas of the 1970s or just keep ourselves calm with recent fake news about the Earth's actual rate of temperature change.
(2) Some researchers have proposed global-scale geoengineering projects to cool the planet and, by extension, preserve or restore ice. Others argue that it might be possible to chill just the north, for instance by artificially whitening the Arctic Ocean with light-coloured floating particles to reflect sunlight. A study recently suggested installing wind-powered pumps to bring water to the surface in winter, where it would freeze, forming thicker ice. But many researchers hesitate to embrace geoengineering. And most agree that regional efforts would take tremendous effort and have limited benefits, given that Earth's circulation systems could just bring more heat to north to compensate.
(3) Alternatively and in spite of multiple lines of converging scientific evidence show conclusively that our climate is warming, stories sometimes appear in the media calling that into question. New studies are interpreted as contradicting previous research, or data are viewed to be in conflict with established scientific thinking. The article discussed a short-term cooling period that showed up in the data in 2017 and 2018 and correctly stated that short-term cooling cycles are statistical noise compared to the long-term trend.
(4) In short, it is clear that try as they may, the scientific community are not in complete agreement about the earth warming or about how to stop it or even possibly reduce it. Cooling the earth is a real yet exorbitant issue that most countries are unable to afford and without whole world involvement it will never work. The need of attacking the problem at both ends is then an absolute and yet it will be some time until we can all agree to do the right things.

Which paragraph explains the biggest problem of stopping global warming?



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Class : Class 6
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