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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 5

Read the passage and answer the question that follow.

(1) The digital revolution has passed; we are living in the digital age. The effect on us all has been enormous and seems to impact every single thing we do. Computers and other technologies have been around for decades but what has really changed is the accessibility of such devices. Around 43% of the world’s population has a smart phone. Two areas that are commonly talked about are our memories and our ability to write.
(2) The first area of concern is the increase in available technology and how it impacts how we use our minds. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the human brain is not divided in easy access compartments which we can put our memories in and retrieve at any given moment, yet our memory sticks are. Often times our brains seem to be actually relatively poor storage for memories, particularly if you compare it to a hard drive so it’s really great that we have created devices that help us remember.
(3) A second issue that is raised is that children seem to be losing their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are basically small movements such as typing or drawing and colouring in and there are many many more examples. Some research based on children’s ability to write with a pen or pencil suggests that these fine motor skills are reducing. The reduction in ability to write, while a concerning issue, seems to suggest that there isn’t a better alternative. Nowadays, with the use of computers, tablets and smartphones people generally don’t write with pen or pencil.
(4) It is clear that while we are using technology daily, our lives are changing as a consequence. There is no doubt that there are huge positives to this, however, it’s clear that some say that there are negatives also. We are able to create devices that help us with our memories which can improve levels of happiness and can make life much easier. Yet another positive is that our creation of devices could mean that we don’t ‘need’ to use our memories as much, so there is a possibility that we could free up our minds for other things like being creative.

Choose the best title or heading for the passage.

AI Can’t Remember!
BAre we Really Losing Anything?
CWhat Can my Computer Do?
DWe All Love our Tech!

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