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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 6

Belgian J.J. Etienne Lenoir was the first to take out a car on the public highway in September 1863. Since then driving has come a long way. So has the concept of various types of cars to suit the various needs of people. Why do different people want to buy different cars? This is because the car is not just used as a necessity, but, is also a status symbol.
People buy different types of cars; get them upgraded by changing their hydraulic system, getting them painted and often having different car accessories on them. They, then display them in front of their friends and families and to everyone else. Due to the need of cars increasing day-by-day, there are various types of cars. There are the mini cars, the economy cars, the convertibles, the sports cars, the vans and the mini vans and many more.
The model and the year they were manufactured can judge the different car types. The models change every year. As the year passes, new technology comes and the car is updated with the latest needs of the people. There are two types of cars mainly. One is the expensive ones and the other is the affordable cars. The expensive ones are either the sports cars, luxury cars or the classic cars. The sports cars are usually bought by youngsters as they give a look of joy and freedom while the luxury cars are usually for the high class people who believe in style and elegance. Another type of expensive cars is the archetypal cars. These cars are sometimes more than 70 years old and are the worlds most expensive cars.People who cannot afford luxury cars buy the reasonably affordable cars. They need the car for the basic purpose of transportation or for moving goods. They do not buy these cars to go to big premier shows and be the gossip of the town but for going to work or school or transporting goods from one place to another.

Give a suitable meaning of the word 'Luxury'.

BOpulence and richness

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