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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 8

Choose the correct option to fill in the blank.
There was ________ all over the building after the fire broke out.

Ahas diverted
Bhas been diverted
Dwere diverting

In my opinion, none of the above options help the sentence above to be grammatically correct.The presence of the verb 'was' in the above sentence does not allow other verbs to fill in the blank. However, all of the options given are verbs, or verbal clauses.Even if 'was' was omitted from the sentence, none of the options seem to make sense. The lack of a definite subject (here, 'There' is the subject) in the sentence excludes option A, B, C, D, as 'there', as a subject, is simply used to "describe a situation" rather than "a person performing an action", or "a person on whom an action is being performed". If 'There' was replaced by a subject like 'The firefighters', or 'The people in the building', still none of the options complete the sentence. The singular verbs in option A, B, and C disagree with the plural subjects, and thus they are excluded. Option D remains the only plural verb, but the lack of a definite object excludes this option too. "The firefighters _were__diverting_ all over the building after the fire broke out." doesn't make sense. One might consider assuming a singular subject, but that doesn't make any literary sense. It is illogical to consider that only one person is in the building, or only one firefighter is there to save the people in the building. Therefore, an object must be inserted in the sentence. In my opinion, 'the people' acts as a suitable object, although there may be many other suitable objects. Thus, the question can become: "The firefighters ______ the people all over the building after the fire broke out.". If the question was framed like this, option D is obviously the most suitable answer.To make the question more sensible, replacing the adverb like 'all over the building' with an adverb like 'outside the building' is a good idea. "The firefighters ______ the people outside the building after the fire broke out." sounds more acceptable (in my opinion).In conclusion, I opine that this question (in it's original form) is inaccurate, and that none of the options fulfill the sentence suitably. I hope that this question will be rectified, or removed. If there is a fault in my explanation, I would very much like to hear about it.Thank you.

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Class : Class 8
what's this q man

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Class : Class 8
the answer is wrong..sof, pls correct this

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There are 2 Duplicate options

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Class : Class 8

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Class : Class 8
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