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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 4

Read the following story and answer the questions that follow :
The milkmaid and her pail

A milkmaid was on her way to the market. On her head she carried a large pail of milk. As she walked along she thought of all the money she would have as soon as she sold the milk. "I shall buy hens from Farmer Brown," she thought, "and they will lay eggs every day. I will sell the eggs to the parson's wife. She will pay me well. With the money from the eggs, I will buy myself a new frock and bonnet. What colour shall they be? I think green - a lovely green, for that colour becomes me best. When I go to market, I will wear my new clothes. All the young men will want to speak to me, of course, but I shall pretend not to see them. When they follow me, I shall walk proudly on. I'll toss my head-like this." And with that, she tossed her head. The pail slipped off from her head, and the milk spilled all over the ground.
The milkmaid brought her empty pail and her sad tale home to her mother. "Ah, my daughter," said her mother, "Do not count your chickens before they are hatched."
What happened to her dreams in the end?

A All her dreams were fulfilled.
B They were shattered with the spilling of milk.
C It is not clear from the story.
D None of the above.

The correct answer is option B.

Ans 1:

Class : Class 5
The correct answer is option B.

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