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Subject :IMO    Class : Class 8

If a die is rolled two times, then find the probability of getting

Column - I Column - II
(i) Multiple of 2 on first
die and multiple of 4
on second die.
(ii) Sum of number obtained
on both the die as
multiple of 3.
(iii) Number on the first die
is divisible by number
on second die.
(iv) Sum of the numbers on
both die is divisible by the
number on second die.

A(i) → (A); (ii) → (B); (iii) → (C); (iv) → (D)
B(i) → (C); (ii) → (A); (iii) → (D); (iv) → (B)
C(i) → (A); (ii) → (C); (iii) → (B); (iv) → (D)
D(i) → (C); (ii) → (A); (iii) → (D); (iv) → (D)

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