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Subject :IEO    Class : Class 4

Read the passage given below and complete the sentences using the verb given in the brackets :
Water in the sea and on the ground constantly ________ (evaporate) due to heat of the sun. Water ________ (get) converted into vapour which ________ (go) upwards in the atmosphere. Water vapours then ________ (condense) on the dust particles to form clouds. When clouds ________ (go) up, they condense into water which ________ (come) down again as rains. ________ (you know) what ________ (happen) to this water? All of it ________ (not seep) into earth. Most of it ________ (collect) in the sea and other reservoirs of water on land. It evaporates again, ________ (rise) in the sky and _____?______ (convert) into rain water.

A convert
B converts
C converted
D converting

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